How beautiful to decorate a shop window for the New Year with their own hands, photo

beautifully decorated showcaseThe task of any shop window - to attract the attention of buyers. Everyone knows that on New Year's Eve, sales in all stores are growing strongly. To increase the popularity of your supermarket or retail store in the pre-New Year period, you need to stock up on a diverse assortment and know how to decorate a shop window for the New Year.

Beautiful New Year's window dressing of clothing stores: the best photos

The central place is, of course, spruce. But the buyer should know what is being sold. Therefore, the design of clothing stores can contain photos of a new collection, decorated with rain, highlighted with lights garlands. On the glass, you can draw copies of clothes that are available. And decorate it all:

  • Christmas balls;
  • paper snowflakes;
  • miniature trendy outfits.

showcase with mannequins

How to make a grocery store showcase?

Here is where you can give free rein to your imagination, using a maximum of jewelry. What should be the design of the windows of the grocery store, the photo is colorfully demonstrated. New Year's décor is obliged to include the main decoration: an elegant Christmas tree, winter stained glass windows, drawings, paper snowflakes on the windows. A large glass can be decorated with fabulous New Year characters: snowman, angels, Santa Claus, deer.

What could be the decoration of a flower shop window?

A worthy option for window dressing flower shop are photos of vibrant bouquets, compositions of artificial flowers. But it is better to create the New Year mood with the help of garlands, which are placed over the entire area of ​​the window or around each floral handicraft. Window dressing shops with flowers and luxurious bouquets will attract buyers. At will, you can put New Year's characters behind the glass, in whose hands entrust floral gifts.
New Year's shop window

Other window design options: photo examples

Any outlet needs a New Year's update. This is especially true of window dressing of children's, jewelry, shoe stores.

In the pre-New Year turmoil, these trading places are very popular. For example, the presentation of a children's shop needs bright lighting, a Christmas tree with an abundance of decorations and garlands. But a special place is occupied by fairy-tale characters, who offer interesting New Year's gifts to the kids and their parents.

Owners of shoe shops can decorate the glass with bright Christmas balls, Christmas tree, serpentine and rain. And on the glass to place snowflakes, the inscription "Happy New Year!", Information about discounts and promotions that are waiting for buyers.

Jewelry departments should be decorated in the same way and present in the window the photos of beautiful jewelry or several stylish gift packages with attractive bows. These examples of window dressing of stores will help you to make the most of the opportunities that are opening up before you in the pre-New Year period.

Design for a gift shop: how to attract people in the New Year?

The beautiful design of the store for the New Year is obliged to include the main element: the New Year tree and elegant gift packages, information on holiday discounts with a brief description of the range.Decorate the glass with snowflakes, Christmas characters, cut out of paper, hang shiny bright balls on the window.
decorate the storefront for the new year

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