How can you become much more confident?

Recently, we hear slogans more and more often: "Confidence is the guarantee of a good career", so that every now and then there are invitations to psychological training. To be a self-confident person, we need each of us.

The modern world is characterized not only by the latest technologies and developments, but also by more brutal, complex rules of life. For daily bustle, with the goal of making the most money possible, people have become more stale, just look at how many around you are homeless people and abandoned animals. Only the strongest survive - this is the main slogan of modern life. To be weak and notorious, it means to find yourself for bad luck in all walks of life.

Every person is special, some of us are more active (like sports, clubs and noisy companies), while others want to be alone all the time. For some, coming to a new company of strangers is an overwhelming task. A person begins to get lost, shy, does not know what to say.

It causes laughter to others, but in fact, insecurity is a very serious problem. Uncertain people find it difficult to find friends, work, and the second half is not worth dreaming about. After all, to establish a relationship you need to be active, and for this you need to be confident in yourself. "Mistrust is the cause of most of our failures," Bowie said, it's hard not to agree with him. If you want to change your life for the better, proceed immediately.

Some tips:

1. Observe your appearance. Remember, you must look like you only like yourself. Forget about others. Put on what you want. Only not gray and black things, you decided to change your life. In clothes, you should feel comfortable. Hairstyle and makeup - are required!

2. Forget about your physical disabilities. The fact that your settings are far from model, does not mean that you are not beautiful. Love your body, no matter how it is and remember that others will hardly notice a small scar, but many will pay attention to the girl, wrapped in a scarf and covering her face.

3. Do not drink alcohol. Some people make mistakes in believing that alcohol gives courage and confidence. This is self-deception. Believe me, after drinking, you will not feel more comfortable and comfortable in the company of people.You can feel relaxed only after you drink a lot of alcohol, or more simply, you get drunk. Well, this is not a good idea.

4. Take life easier. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable, comical situation, for example, you slipped and fell in the middle of the square, you do not need to go into hysterics and try to escape, because this is such a shame for you. Smile, yes you fell, so what? Hands, legs - whole, so why upset? People who were glad your embarrassment, are also not immune from it. So develop a sense of humor and do not dwell on the troubles.

5. Really evaluate your capabilities. Do not flatter yourself, but do not diminish your merits. Be clear about what you can do and what you would like to learn. For example, you have long wanted to learn a foreign language. Ask a specialist how long it will take, use your love for learning languages ​​and make a dream come true.

6. Find a job for the soul. To gain confidence, you need to do the work to which you "lay the soul." Do not sit in a dusty office, just because you've been studying for an accountant for five years. Do not be afraid to do what you love.Self-realization will help you become more confident.

7. Do what you fear. For example, you have long liked a colleague from a neighboring department; when you see it, you are nervous, lower your eyes, and are afraid, like a first grader in the line. Try yourself and invite a guy for a date, or at least have a relaxed conversation with him. For an insecure person, this is a very difficult task. Well, it is necessary to perform it. Even if the first communication is not the most successful, you can not hide in the hole. With each subsequent time you will act more confidently.

Develop self-confidence is necessary in order to live fully. It will give you the strength to withstand difficulties. You will be the master of your life and will cease to depend on the opinions of the world.

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