How correctly to make a wish in the New Year so that it will come true

The most effective ways of making wishes on New Year's Eve

With the chiming clock, the most cherished dreams come true. In any case, they thought so long before our birth, they still believe in miracles now. A lot of ways to correctly make a wish for the New Year will be ineffective if you want something spontaneously. It turns out that even to such a thing as the guessing of the most intimate, you need to approach with all seriousness.

How to make a wish for the New Year: tips of psychologists

With the first strike of the chiming clock, you need to write the cherished goal on a piece of paper, burn the paper, mix the ashes with champagne and have time to drink this strange drink before the 12th beat of the main clock of the country. Who among us has not resorted to such a strange way of making wishes? However, psychologists and esotericists offer much more effective ways of how to do it correctly.

  1. Clear wording of your dreams.Believe me, it is very important to clearly describe your dream, and even better - to attach to it a visual picture of the desired. For inspiration, you can use a visualization board or a wish card.
  2. Preparation for guessing the innermost. It is not necessary to postpone making dreams to the most extreme moment, directly during the meeting of the New Year. After all, in festive commotion, you can accidentally make something "alien" that you do not need at all. It is better to gather your thoughts and strongly want something intimate about a couple of hours before the New Year, saying aloud your dream. And under the chiming clock, once again remind New Year of their cherished goal.
  3. Avoiding the use of the particle "not." Any “no” is perceived as a kind of negative, and in fact we need to formulate the desire in a positive way. Therefore, try to replace the negative “not” with a suitable phrase, where it will not be. For example: I do not want to stay in the same position any longer - I want to increase. Drop the first part, leaving only "I deserve a career promotion, I want a promotion."

    The most effective ways of making wishes on New Year's Eve

  4. Dream visualization.Psychologists are advised to enter the New Year with a kind of talisman, for example, a small toy, amulet or coin, which is easy to carry around with you. You need to keep the talisman with you until your dream comes true.
  5. Come up with your "jar of desires." This method is perfect for a large, friendly family. For this we need a small glass jar with colorful sheets of paper. On each sheet a member of the family writes his most cherished desire, and then he puts it in the bank. The filled can is sealed (you can make it beautifully, decoratively - the New Year after all!) And is placed in a secluded place. Let Santa Claus in a quiet, calm atmosphere examine all the requests to carry them out.

The most effective ways of making wishes on New Year's Eve

How to make a wish in the New Year, and whether it will come true

Psychologists and psychics claim that the secret is realized or not, depends largely on us. You cannot sit on the couch, want wealth, and not try to find a job or an idea that can bring a lot of money. It is necessary to act, every day, step by step approaching the dream. Dream, make positive wishes, and believe that they will surely come true!

The most effective ways of making wishes on New Year's Eve

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