How to escort to the army?

January 24, 2015
How to escort to the army?

Seeing off to the army is a very exciting event for both the draftee and his parents, relatives and friends. It is important to organize them properly so that the wires do not turn into a dull feast. We give some simple tips on how to spend the wires in the army. By following them, you can organize good wires that will leave only pleasant impressions about you.

How escorted to the army: tips and traditions

  • The most important thing for a draftee on this day is, of course, the guests. It is necessary to gather at the same table all true friends, close relatives and loved ones.
  • The most common place for wires is the guy's home. But if you have the desire and money, you can organize the farewell and away from home, in any institution. If the wires fell on the warm season, then you can spend them in nature, for example, on the shore of the lake.
  • Do not invent too delicious delicacies on the table. Prepare the favorite dishes of the soldier, as well as what guests like best.You also do not need too much alcohol - on the wires it is important not to get drunk before losing the pulse, but to have a good time in the company of loved ones.
  • Of course, seeing off is a sad event, but if possible, guests, especially girls, should avoid too violent manifestation of feelings - the recruit is so hard, let him remember his loved ones cheerful, let him know that they are waiting for him at home, and do not pour on Crocodile suffering tears. To defuse a sad situation, on the wires often use different fun contests. You can pick up a few suitable ones, but think carefully about them to be in place.
  • Often on wires are observed certain traditions and customs. It is believed that they facilitate the service of a soldier and help them return home quickly and easily. For example, a conscript is asked to hang a ribbon on the wall (a symbol of the fact that a particle of a soldier stays at home). The ribbon should hang before his return - after returning home, he will remove it. Many recruits want to put on a form in advance to be photographed in it - this is a bad omen, you should not wear a uniform ahead of time.They also say that a soldier, leaving the house, must go backwards. Another sign: parents in a departing bus with draftees throw small coins.

The main thing is that the farewell should be fun, that everyone who the recruit wants to see so much in attendance - the memories of this evening will warm his heart during the service.

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