How in GTA San Andreas call a taxi?

How in GTA San Andreas call a taxiGTA San Andreas is a computer game in the genre of action, released on October 26, 2004 by Rockstar North. The game is famous for its huge world and diverse surroundings.


The action takes place in the fictional state of San Andreas, which includes three cities: Las Venturas and the nearest desert (the prototype was the city of Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert), Los Santos (Los Angeles) and San Fierro (San Francisco ). An open and "seamless" world allows you to explore vast areas with the help of various transport: cars, boats, airplanes, ATVs, etc.

Today we will learn how to use the necessary vehicle in the game, like a taxi.

So, for a start, let's look at a few codes that you will definitely need in this game:


  • To get the tank, you need to dial - AIWPRTON
  • For the old racing car - CQZIJMB
  • Hearse - AQTBCODX
  • Limousine Call - KRIJEBR
  • Military Helicopter - OHDUDE
  • To call the quad - AKJJYGLC
  • For bulldozer - EEGCYXT
  • That all cars in the city become rural - FVTMNBZ
  • Raise the aggressiveness of drivers - YLTEICZ
  • Invisible Machines - XICWMD
  • THGLOJ to reduce aggression on the roads
  • To disable traffic lights - ZEIIVG

All these cheat codes, one way or another, are associated with cars, and they will definitely be useful, because you will have to go to the GTA San Andreas most of the time.


How to call a taxi in GTA?

Now back to the taxi call. In the original GTA San Andreas game, you can call a taxi in several ways. The first and most simple: you pull out a taxi driver from the driver's seat, sit down in his place and start the task “Taxi Driver”.

How in GTA San Andreas call a taxi


The next option is to stand on the side of the road and wait until a yellow taxi car appears on the horizon. As soon as you see it, press the “Y” key to stop the car. Then again on the same key to sit inside. On the map, mark the point you need, and a taxi will take you to the address (you will not be able to get into the water, do not even try).

And the last option is to install a special mod, a program that allows you to perform this action. You can find it on any site dedicated to the game. After downloading, install the mod in the game folder.The file called “TaxiScript txd” is placed in the “Modelid” folder, and the second file “CS” is copied into the “Cleo” folder. Everything, now you have a taxi.

True, you need to take into account several nuances:


  • This service is not free, it costs $ 20. If you have no money, then you will simply be thrown out of the car halfway;
  • You can change the route at any time;
  • You can stop at any time;
  • You can pay another $ 10, and the driver will go faster;
  • To stop a taxi, simply whistle;
  • On very long routes, taxi drivers can go astray;
  • After the character got into the car, you need to press the “Handbrake” key (hand brake) - only then the taxi will start moving.

There are many easter eggs and other interesting moments hidden in the game. For example, in the cemetery in Los Santos, you can see a dug grave, inside which is a TV and pizza boxes.

How in GTA San Andreas call a taxi
If you do not touch for some time control, the camera will begin to monitor the girls who pass by. In the Downtown area, a parachute can be found on the roof of a round building. This will help you jump from this skyscraper.

If you explore the seabed between the cities of Los Santos and San Fierro, then under one of the rocks you can find a treasure chest.An easy way to make money is to shoot at the cash register of any store. You need to collect them very quickly - in a couple of seconds they disappear. And if you stand close to strippers, then the money that they throw, you get.

The game has a lot of fun moments and characters. There you can meet UFO and Yeti, on the walls at certain hours appear mysterious graffiti; Gym, from which you can get into the other world and much more, which makes this game so exciting. Play, explore and you will like it!

What is your favorite GTA version?

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