How jealous! This dog spends the summer better than people.

A video like this cute little dog is eating pizza, watched by 38 million people.

How would you like to spend the summer? Perhaps, on the beach, basking in the warm sunshine, feeling the sand heated under the heels during the day? And by all means so that there is a beautiful man next to you, who surrounds you with care, love and runs around for a cocktail. We would not have refused this either, to be honest. But it is necessary to admit to ourselves - we will never look so cute, just intently eating something like this charming beast.

Meet this blueberry french bulldog. He lives in California and works as a model. Do you already feel the first shots of envy? So, Blueberry is the face, that is, excuse me, the muzzle of the shop for french bulldogs and their fans. It can be said, the main engine of trade of this shop. Bluenji now and then arrange a mini-vacation so he can take a break from filming. And driven to the sea, the more so in Malibu it is easy.

On the shore, he does the same thing as people: he sunbathes, burying himself in the sand, and feasts on the goodies that the caring owner brings to him every now and then. Bluenji, without even getting up, takes a piece of, for example, a pizza with his front paws and begins to eat it methodically, smacking his lips with pleasure. At the same time, he lies on his back - after all he is tanning

The owner filmed the process on video, and did not lose. Only on Facebook, this video was watched by more than 38 million people! And from this somewhere inside there is a feeling of injustice: and in fact if one of us grows fat to the loss of the waist and spreads glutton videos, lying on the beach, nobody will be touched by us on the Internet. Quite the contrary.

However, to envy is a matter unworthy of an adult. Let's get better on a cute little dog. And think about where to go at least next summer.

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