How much protein lives?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
February 6, 2013
How much protein lives?

The squirrel is considered among many people to be the most recognizable and beloved animal. It is often described in folk tales and depicted, as a rule, very hardworking and agile animal. Many fans of these animals are interested in the question: how much protein lives in different conditions?

The average lifespan of these rodents in natural conditions may be different. It mainly depends on living conditions, climate, etc. However, most often, proteins can live on average from three to four years.

However, how many years does a squirrel live at home? If a squirrel is under supervision, where it does not threaten to freeze from cold, die from lack of food in winter, and also where it will be completely protected from predatory animals, then it can live from 10 to 12 years.

The history of zoology, even known cases when squirrels could live in captivity up to 16 years. However, this life expectancy of rodents can only be an exception, not a pattern.

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