As this summer, Moscow has become the best city on earth

Rita Zheleznyakova

Rita Zheleznyakova,
editor and journalist, the last romantic of the planet Earth

Perhaps this is the best summer in the history of Moscow over the past ten years. Perhaps the best in life - for some of the living generations. The FIFA World Cup has reset our perception of the city, country. It became suddenly good on these streets, among these faces.

From somewhere, even the word "homeland" arose, and even the most sarcastic were able to pronounce it, without enclosing it in deep quotes, without wry lips.

Cool boulevards, filled verandas, crazy fan Nikolskaya and Kamergersky, Red Square, along which not only Chinese and provincial schoolchildren, green streets, smiles on their faces, polite police officers, funny shaggy boys on skates, intelligent girls with books - this summer Moscow became a city from which you don’t want to go to either Majorca or Cyprus or to catch Beyonce in Europe.

Who among us, after returning from the journey, did not scratch the prickly glances of his compatriots. There, people are open and smiling, here they are ready to fight back, to the elbow to the side, to “where are you going!”. There - small talk (easy, easy conversation), here - easy rudeness.

This summer, scandalous aunts fell silent in Moscow, gloomy uncles grinned, and most of the young men and women on the relaxed faces of people can already be confused with the inhabitants of any European city

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Yes, we want to look our best in front of foreign fans. Yes, we behave like hosts, showing guests the best part of ourselves and our home. But the current politeness, openness and joy - not an order from above, it comes from the inside. Not without reason, as during all important and unifying events, parallels and connections appear: historical, cultural. Now - as in the time of the World Festival of Youth and Students in 1957. Now - like in the movie "I'm walking around Moscow". Incredibly organically, Kirill Serebrennikov’s “Summer” movie posters hang on the back of this Moscow summer with the most expensive, alternative, unfinished, though wildly popular heroes.And it is not so important, in whose performance, Mike Naumenko or Roma the Beast, to listen: “Summer! Today session in Lensoveta. There will then be it. Shouldn't I go there? ”

The city was rubbed with a clean rag. Saturated with oxygen. Slightly relaxed. This Moscow is pleasant to love, it is pleasant to be proud of. It is cool to walk around, filter the evening aperol, watch a movie under the open sky and just wander the streets, catch the smiles of strangers. Especially cool after the victory of the Russian national football team over the Spanish national team, the achievement that brought us to a new, previously unknown height - in one fourth of the finals. Tears flow from joy and pride.

The evening of July 1 was similar at the same time to the Airborne Forces celebration (after all, it did not go without bathing in the fountains), to celebrate the City Day and the New Year, albeit with a high level of security and a uniquely high level of courtesy

All united. Even those who have never watched a single football game in their life and are not sure how many players should be on the field during the game screamed in pubs and soared up on an emotional wave with everyone. In this wave, it is not necessary to search for meanings, it will not give anything, except for joy for one evening, one summer.Will we stay like that? Free to move, with a springy gait, with a clear look? No, soon everything will pass, as any vacation holiday goes. But this summer will unwind the screws a bit and move the corner, put us a little closer shoulder to shoulder.

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