How to achieve delicate heels with acid socks

Peeling acid socks remove from the surface of the heels not only surface contamination, natoptysh and dead cells, but also heals their skin with extracts of papaya, apple, chamomile and other beneficial additives. The glycolic and citrus acids that make up the acid socks painlessly remove the dead epidermis, and the natural components complete their work, gently softening, restoring and moisturizing the treated skin.
After putting on acid socks, it is not necessary to wait for the mask to dry out and soak in - you can start your own business right after the procedure. Therapeutic components of the mask will affect the skin of the heels, even when moving, providing an additional exfoliating effect. In addition, acid socks regulate the work of the sweat glands on the feet, which allows you to get rid of the unpleasant smell of the feet and significantly save on therapeutic creams.When using them, the heels will become tender already a week after the start of their use, and the result will be maintained for two to three months.
Before using acid socks, wash your feet thoroughly with warm water, remove the masks from the package, put them on and wash your hands. After a half to two hours of application, you need to remove the socks and wash off the remnants under running water. The hardened epidermis begins to peel off from the heels on the fourth to seventh day after use, and the remaining corns and natoptysh will disappear on their own within a few days. When using acid socks, it is not recommended to additionally use coarse mechanical tools like pumice - the skin should peel off naturally.
Acid socks can not be used in the presence of skin cuts, wounds, eczema, irritation or allergic reactions, as well as with individual sensitivity to any component of the mask. Before using socks, it is advisable to check their small piece on the skin, pinching it off the mask, wetting it and applying it to the crook of the elbow for two minutes - if after that a redness or rash appears, you cannot use the tool.If the mask gets on the mucous membranes, rinse them with plenty of warm running water.

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