How to add RAM?

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How to add RAM?

A few decades ago, computers ran on 1-2 MB of RAM. Today, progress has gone so far that, at times, 2-4 GB of RAM is not enough for normal computer operation.

If you do not want to experience inconvenience when watching videos, working with graphic editors, going through a computer game, you need to know how to add RAM.

When you need to add RAM

On modern computers for normal operation it is better to use at least 4 GB of RAM. Only 2 GB of memory will significantly limit the operation of the computer. This amount of memory will not allow you to watch the video comfortably, it will be almost impossible to play, and graphic programs will be very slow. Also, surfing the Internet will be difficult due to the long time of loading sites and files on the hard disk.

The best solution would be to put 16-24 GB of RAM on a computer, which will allow you to forget about upgrading the memory for a long time.

RAM is needed for the computer to process information faster. But how much it is needed for this or that work is a complex question that will be answered by our article How much RAM is needed.

RAM is not so easy to choose. Memory bars have different clock speeds, data transfer rates, and have differences in 32 and 64-bit systems. Correctly pick up the bar of RAM in the store will help you our article How to choose RAM.

How to add RAM to a computer

Before you buy a new memory bar, you need to find out whether you can add RAM to your computer. This can be done by opening the computer unit and examining how many free slots there are.

If there is at least one slot, then you can safely buy the desired memory bar and add. If there is no free slot, then you can change one of the slats to a new one with a large volume.

Replace strips should be done in the following sequence:

  1. Turn off and unplug the computer by pulling the power cord from the power outlet or the unit itself.
  2. Pull out one of the slats, in which place you put a new one.If you want to install in a free slot, then simply insert a new memory bar in place.
  3. Make sure the strap fits into the socket tightly. After that, collect the computer unit, turn on the network and run.
  4. Check that there are new GB of RAM in the properties of the computer.

It should also be remembered that in 32-bit systems shows a maximum of 3 GB of memory. If you installed more than 3 GB, then you should reinstall Windows by installing a 64-bit OS.

Also, some details you can read in our article How to increase the computer's RAM.

How to add RAM to a laptop

In a laptop, the amount of memory can be viewed the same way as on a computer.

To add or replace the memory bar, you must:

  1. Turn off laptop power.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Open the back cover or the cover where the symbol depicting the RAM is drawn. To do this, unscrew the fastening screw and carefully remove the cover.
  4. We insert a new bar or replace the old one.
  5. Putting it all together again as it was.
  6. We start the laptop and check for new GB of RAM.

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