How to become a DJ from scratch at home

In the article, we will consider how to become a DJ at home from scratch. After reading the material, you will take the first steps towards becoming an ace in the field of playing music.

According to experts, a DJ is not a profession, but a state of mind. This DJ does not seek to transform a favorite activity into a commercial activity. He is not interested in the level of salary. For him it is important that a sincere smile shine on the faces of people.

It is safe to say that these words found support among many DJs, regardless of age and activity. Such fans become legends and achieve financial success.

Many people who attend nightclubs dream at least for a moment to become a DJ. My friend is a professional DJ, who started from scratch. For the first time he experienced strength at the console at the age of fifteen. Over time, having gained precious experience, he began working in the most popular clubs.

If you want to do your favorite thing, there are several options.

  • Selfeducation. In this case, you will have to buy equipment with which to hone skills.
  • DJ School. If you want to enroll in such an institution, first read the reviews of graduates. On the basis of them pick the best school.
  • Lessons with a teacher. Together with the teacher you will be able to master the initial skills and get the first experience. After that you will be able to meet people who will help you get a job in the club. There will be no problems with the equipment, but finding a good teacher is not easy.

Many people confuse DJs with electronic musicians. Often, people who write music in electronic format call themselves DJs. In reality, they are just musicians. Not all DJs write music, most often they mix ready-made compositions.

  1. At first, the salary is waiting for a modest, but they will demand a lot. Do not put in the forefront earnings when you gain experience and fees will increase.
  2. Come to the club earlier than it is necessary to get ready before the party.
  3. The task of the DJ is not only in playing music.He is obliged to interact with the public, strive to raise the spirits and turn the performance into a show.
  4. Do not forget to remind visitors of the club. Otherwise, in a few weeks they will forget your name.

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Imagine your dream, acquire equipment and move to the goal without stopping or hesitating. After a certain time you will become a favorite of the club audience.

Step by Step Tips

Cool dj

At school, some dreamed of becoming cosmonauts, others - doctors, and still others - militiamen. The time has passed and now many schoolchildren want to become a famous DJ. It is not surprising, because outside the window is the 21st century, when listening to music in electronic format using players and smartphones.

What does a DJ do? The work boils down to a selection of musical compositions, so that individual songs blend well with others. What else is needed?

  • Register on the thematic portal or forum. On the pages of Internet resources novice DJ will find useful information, recommendations and tips.
  • Install a special application on the computer. It will help the novice to deal with the equipment and learn how to use it.One of the popular solutions is TraktorDJStudio.
  • Over time, the novice will acquire the skills that will have to be put into practice. You can arrange a music party at home and offer your guests a set of songs.
  • You can make acquaintance with an experienced DJ who will help you with advice and share your experience.
  • Be sure to practice the game. Practice will teach to understand dancing people from the point of view of music.
  • Do not ignore the dance floors. You can safely speak at charity parties, warm up the audience in front of a disco.
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The information above will be the starting point for a great DJ life. Once you have mastered the hardware, you have to go a long way.

What can a good DJ do?

Photo of a very good DJ

DJ is a fascinating, interesting and versatile profession. And if it is impossible to get it at the university, it does not mean that a person will not become a professional in this field.

  1. Many people think that to become a good DJ at home is simple, and their lifestyle is bohemian. In reality, this is not the case. For example, you came to the club and listened to a set lasting 120 minutes.You do not even mean how many DJs spent the time and energy to create it.
  2. As practice shows, a beginner DJ, having played a couple of sets, considers himself a professional. If you go this way, you can lose loved ones and true friends.
  3. The best way to advertise is to create a promo disc. It is useful to indicate the name, contacts and project name on the box. Handing the drive to the right people.
  4. Many DJs, choosing a style of music, are moving in the direction of mass production. It is not right. You need to play music that you like. If you play the music that turns up, people dancing on the playground will immediately notice it.
  5. Most DJs have achieved a thorny path to achieve this goal. At the same time, there are people who, having made a small set, want to play in the most popular clubs. Not so simple. It is necessary to record your creation and compare with the work of other professionals. The difference will be obvious.
  6. Having a little experience, some stop learning. This is due to the feeling of significance and coolness. As a result, the rating is rapidly falling.
  7. For career growth one composing of tracks is not enough.We'll have to learn the art of writing music and strive to create a label.
  8. Some DJs just play music. This is not enough. We must strive for comprehensive development. As a result, the knowledge gained will help to move faster on the career ladder.
  9. Many DJs have information technology. Nevertheless, not all boast originality. It is necessary not just to turn the record, but to enjoy the music, connecting the imagination and soul.
  10. A professional DJ differs from a regular colleague in the way of material selection and technique of performance. He constantly improves the taste, keeps track of hits and does not forget about old songs, among which come across "diamonds".

If you want to engage in creative activities and delight visitors of clubs with music, achieve results.

How to become a club DJ

For the first time the word "DJ" was used by Walter Winchell, a radio commentator from the United States. So he called the famous radio station Martin Blok.

Now DJs play music in public, using sound media and technical tools that change the musical material.

Get a profession in college or at the university will not work.Officially there is no such specialty. When you find a job as a DJ, an announcer or sound director will record in the work book.

What does a DJ need?

  • Equipment. At the beginning of a career, you can do without equipment, but in the future it will have to be purchased. Not every room boasts the necessary equipment.
  • Record library. Each club DJ has its own record library, which is systematized and replenished. Do not limit your favorite compositions. The main goal is to please the audience of the club.
  • Personal qualities. Feeling of rhythm, musical ear, mastery of the subtleties of music. Skills will have to constantly develop. You can do without music education, but musical erudition does not hurt.
  • Audience sense. We'll have to start the people, and not mechanically set the composition. There is no ready recipe, the feeling will come with practice. Do not do without experiments, excitement, humor and artistry.

In the first couple is better to speak for free. If possible, borrow experience from experienced DJs. In addition, schools are opened in which basic knowledge is taught.

What do DJs on the radio do

DJs earn their living by playing music in clubs and on the radio.They do not belong to the league of musicians, because in most cases they use not author's songs, but compositions of third-party artists assembled into sets.

Some DJs work in clubs, others on the radio, and the third one likes mobility. First of all, decide on the type of music media you will use. Playing at:

  • optical disks
  • vinyl records,
  • laptop or PC.

Equipment is also being sold that reproduces musical compositions with the help of computer equipment, disks and records simultaneously.

DJs are also divided by style of music. True, this is a too laborious concept. In addition, professionals work with different musical styles.

Radio is designed to entertain people. It includes at work, in the car and take on nature. Music distracts from worries and problems. Only ac will force listeners to give preference to a certain wave and radio station.

  1. DJ ensures that the flow of music is not accompanied by failures and interruptions. Reliable technology and the Internet help in this.
  2. Using voice and the ability to speak beautifully, he delays listeners on the radio wave.
  3. The radio has to work with expensive equipment, so you need to be careful.

If you want to become a DJ from scratch, pay attention to the courses in which you will receive skills and knowledge. You can actually test your strength in Internet radio stations.

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The article came to an end. I will note that any optimistic and sociable person will be able to become an expert in this field. And although such a profession is absent in our country, it is possible that your achievements will contribute to the recognition of DJing in Russia.

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