How to become an astronaut?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
Dmitry Chepcheruk
August 7, 2012
How to become an astronaut?

The cosmonaut's profession is the ultimate dream of young children and schoolchildren. But how to become an astronaut in reality? The selection of applicants is based on the competition, which in turn consists of the correspondence and full-time stage.

At the correspondence stage applicants submit their documents, the commissions carry out their consideration. If the participant of the competition meets all the requirements, he is invited to pass the on-site stage. Moral and psychological qualities, professional competence, compliance with physical and medical requirements are checked here.

The commission for the selection of candidates for astronauts consists of 5 subcommissions. The first of them deals with the examination and evaluation of the medical status of applicants. The second subcommittee aims to assess the physical preparation of the participants of the competition. The third selects applicants for compliance with professional competence and education. The fourth is working on the assessment of psychological qualities.And the fifth subcommission processes the documents received at the correspondence stage of the competition.

It is believed that an astronaut should possess the following personal qualities: leadership, self-confidence and self-reliance and always be prepared for emergency situations. There are strict requirements for education, it should be higher medical or higher biological, ideally, a PhD thesis should be defended or prepared for the defense, it is also necessary to have your own scientific papers. It is even better if the profile university is completed with a degree in cosmonautics or physics.

But the most stringent requirements still impose on the state of health and physical fitness. The future cosmonaut must have perfect eyesight, the presence of chronic diseases is not allowed, any bad habits are strictly prohibited.

Before you apply, decide which particular direction suits you best: a test cosmonaut, a cosmonaut engineer or a cosmonaut researcher.

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