How to become an insightful person

Get rid of stereotypes

Thinking based on stereotypes does not contribute to insight. To see more than others, you should not make hasty conclusions. Sometimes the most obvious answer is not correct. Take for granted only the bare facts, do not think about other people.
Standard thinking leads to the expected results. It is important to change the habit of thinking patterns in order to open your abilities. Practice it. Do not judge others strictly, do not strive to make a hasty conclusion about the current situation. If hypothetically we can assume an alternative version of the development of circumstances, do not discard it in favor of the most likely in your opinion.

be careful

To become a more insightful person, you need to have a maximum of facts. Be observant, take into account even the smallest details.Perhaps in the future they will help you find a causal relationship or predict the outcome of events in the future.
Pay attention to things that are of secondary importance, and not only to the main ones. This is what distinguishes more attentive people. For example, when talking with a person, take into account not only what he is talking about, but how he says it, how much your facial expression corresponds to the meaning of his phrases.


Enrich your life experience will help the works of world classical fiction. Prefer realistic novels in which there are psychological portraits of heroes.
With the help of good books you will get rid of excessive naivety. In addition, your experience will not be limited only by your reality, because you will live many stories that will become part of your consciousness.
Train your brain. Perform various exercises for the development of memory, responsiveness and ability to think logically. These abilities will help you to better understand what is happening around and draw the right conclusions.
Learn to think systemically. All the facts should be folded like a puzzle into a single picture.So you can recreate the missing pieces and understand what you should pay attention to. Learn psychology. Understanding how people's consciousness works will help you understand the motives of their actions and predict the reaction to a particular event.
Communicate more with people. At the same time try to talk less and listen more. This will allow you to focus on what is around you and become more susceptible to what is happening. These qualities distinguish insightful people.

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