How to build a fireplace

You will need
  • - hacksaw;
  • - shaped blocks of the base;
  • - glue;
  • - ceramics;
  • - rubber hammer.
For competent installationfireplaceand pre-clear the floor space on which it will be installed from any floor coverings. The floor can be stone or ceramic. Mark outlinesfireplaceand lay the details of the bench close to each other on the basis of the floor.
Then take a hacksaw for wood and cut a small cutout in the front block of the base in order tofireplaceair flowed in. After that, lay the shaped blocks on the floor, moisten them with water and strengthen them with glue.
Now prepare the ceramic fragments of the future seat of the bench and glue them, tamping with a rubber hammer. Mount in the futurefireplaceInsert an insert for the chimney equal to the hole of this pipe in diameter and depth, and then install the heating cassette. To attach the pipe insert, use a heat-resistant solution and do not forget to clean the insert from the outside and inside.
Apply the glue by winding line to the heat-insulating plates and press them against the walls of the future.fireplacea. After that, install a heating cassette on the bench and align it to a height, and then install it on special jumpers.
Using a special mortar, reinforce the tiled lining between the heating cassette and the walls. Fix the jumper with the solution on the side supports, and also apply it to all internal surfaces.fireplaceand a solution of fireclay.
Lay the eaves of ceramic tiles or tiles on the lintel, and then remove the excess mortar. When the apronfireplaceand will be ready, mount the frame of the ventilation grille. Plaster the fabric using reinforcing material and then coatfireplaceoutside decorative ceramic tiles.

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