How to build a house in the Krasnodar Territory

You will need
  • Reinforced concrete blocks, brick, foam concrete, siding, trusses, insulation, windows, plasterboard sheets, wallpaper, laminate, tile, plumbing fixtures, pipes, boiler.
Obtain the appropriate building permits. If you are already the owner of the site where the house will be located, in addition to the documents confirming your ownership and cadastral number of the site, you will need design and estimate documentation, which must be agreed in special institutions.
Develop a complete construction plan. Calculate how much material you need, think about where you will get them, how to transport them. The more work you can do yourself, the cheaper the construction will cost home. If you hire contractors, determine who you will hire to home.
Buy the necessary building materials in the required quantities, according to the calculations. If you build a house yourself, give preference to high-tech materials. They will cost you more, but you can work with them yourself.
Begin construction work. Lay the foundation for the futureat home. On this most important partat homenot worth saving. Build a basementat homeand make rough floors. Then proceed to the laying of the outer walls. Their thickness can be in one brick. When the walls have been erected, begin making roof trusses and roofing. In window openings, install window blocks, and in the place of future doors - boxes. Stone the house with a siding.
Install wiring and veneer bearing walls. The ceiling must be hemmed using drywall sheets. Next, engage in the device of interior partitions, which can also be made of plasterboard. Go to the putty of all seams on the walls. Cover the walls with wallpaper and install the door blocks.
Lay the floor tiles in the kitchen and bathroom and laminate or carpet in the living room.You need only to lay the internal engineering networks and install plumbing.

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