How to build a log house for a bath

You will need
  • -wood
  • - carpentry tool
  • - instrument for measuring and checking
  • -chainsaw
  • -screws for fastening
  • - chalk or pencil
To erectlog houseforbathsbetter in parts. If you chop from a log, you need to know that alternating top and butt is necessary. The top of the log is always thinner. If not alternate,log housewill not work.
Make a groove along the whole log. It is necessary for a snug fit of one log to another. At the edges, select the plane in accordance with the thickness of the log on this side. When logging from a bar, it will be the same sample from two sides, since the beam is even and equal along the entire length. Hacking from a log is much more difficult. You will have to measure each edge in order for the logs to lie flat.
For additional fastening will use dowels. Poles and rafters are attached with spikes.
In the manufacturelog houseand you must have a good carpenter's ax. Mark all measurements with chalk or pencil.Measure with a ruler, a square, a tape measure. The correct fit of the logs to each other and their density of packing depends on the accuracy of the measurement. At each end of the log, draw vertical lines. They will create a flat edge. To speed up the process, you can use an electric or gasoline saw. Inspect the slope accuracy of the work performed.
Forlog houseabathsAspen or larch is best, they are not afraid of water and do not rot for a long time. Dolog housefrom the dried forest. After productionlog housea, set it on level ground and let the logs dry for 5-6 months. Mark all rows, and only after complete drying, disassemble and install on the foundation.
Windows and doors are best cut after drying and precipitation of logs after installationlog housebut on a permanent place. Although some masters do it right away.
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Helpful advice
Without practical experience in making log cabins, it is better to entrust this to professionals. To make the correct log house meets all the requirements and parameters it is necessary to learn for years.

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