How to buy an apartment in a house under construction

You will need
  • Passport with permanent registration on the territory of the Russian Federation. A foreign citizen will need a passport with a notarized translation, as well as a residence permit or registration in the territory of the Russian Federation.
Do a price analysis. As a rule, too low cost of housing is a sign of the unreliability of this company.
Read the project documentation, the terms of the contract. It is best to consult a lawyer.
When the company demonstrates the availability of a license and building permit, it is necessary to pay attention to the validity of the documents.
Helpful advice
Indirect signs by which it is possible to determine how reliable a company is: the period of its existence, the area and appearance of the office, the number of facilities built, attitude towards customers.
  • Useful article on how to avoid fraud when buying a home in a house under construction.

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