How to care for fish mollies

For beginners aquarists mollies - fish, which is to start in the first place. It easily adapts to habitat conditions, rarely gets sick and stably reproduces. Observing elementary recommendations, it is possible to grow a breed without problems, not only for oneself, but also for realization.

Keeping and care of mollies fish

Representatives of this breed are active and nimble, in need of free space. It is desirable that for 1 fish accounted for at least 10 liters of water. They like to swim fast, and if in the aquarium closely, they become aggressive.

mollies fish
Fish live 4-6 years
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Water is the only thing that aquatic animals are demanding. It should correspond to the following indicators:

  • temperature - 24–27 degrees;
  • hardness - 22–28 dGH;
  • pH 7–7.9;
  • salt - 1 tsp per 10 liters of liquid.

No less important is cleanliness. Every week, 25% of the water needs to be replaced fresh.

They get along with mollies with the same benevolent rocks. For example, with guppies, swordtails and tetras.Not the best neighbors - cichlids, tetradons and soma. Soil for fish does not matter, as they swim in the middle and upper layers. The lighting must be artificial, 12 hours a day. Be sure to use the decor and algae, as the mollies love to hide.

To feed the fish unpretentious. They can be given dry, frozen or live food, as well as plants. Mollies eat silt from the walls of the aquarium and decor and algae. The breed is prone to overeating, so you should not overfeed them.

How does aquarium fish mollies breed

The breed belongs to the viviparous subspecies. Fry develop inside the mother from 35 to 45 days, are born fully formed, ready for independent living. Once they begin to swim, they can be given crushed food for adults.

Interesting fact! In 98% of cases, childbirth occurs at dawn. On average, 70–100 fry are born, 1-3 days they lie on the bottom or on the leaves of algae without movement.

A pregnant female is determined by the black spot on the belly and swollen belly. Before delivery, it is desirable to place in a separate container, then return it back.

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