How to care for lips

It should only properly care for the lips. Constant care for the skin on the lips will make it more fresh and accentuate the shape. Lip care involves several normal procedures that take only a couple of minutes a day.
Every day (in the morning and evening) you need to massage the lips with your toothbrush or soft bath towel for only thirty seconds. To do this, moisten the brush in cold water and gently massage the lips, or lightly patting move from the middle to the corners of the lips. After the massage procedure, you should use a nourishing cream, balm or cosmetic oil.
Due to the fact that every day the skin of the lips is exposed to numerous environmental factors (strong wind, hot weather, sun, cold), you must properly care for your lips and apply preventive measures to protect them. In order to avoid chapped skin of the lips and prevent them from drying out, you should wean yourself from the bad habit - to lick them and moisten them with saliva.Therefore, before going out on the street, it is advisable to lubricate the lips with a nourishing cream, various oils, or to paint with hygienic lipstick. It is not necessary to apply glycerin to the lips - it will increase the dryness of the skin.
The reason for peeling and drying lips can be a lack of vitamins. Refresh the lips and protect them capable of natural honey, juice from carrots or cucumbers. In addition, the skin of your lips is constantly in need of nutritious masks, so do not forget about them during the preparation of vegetable masks for the face.
To make the skin of the lips smooth, give it a freshness and natural shine is to use lip masks:
Nourishing mask. It is necessary to mix a little fresh sour cream with carrot juice and apply for five or seven minutes on the lips, then wash off the mask in warm water.
To keep your lips dry, use a cucumber-based lip skin mask: apply a mixture of cucumber and carrot juice, sour cream, cottage cheese and natural honey. Then after fifteen minutes, it is desirable to lubricate the lips with vegetable oil.
The apple-based mask helps to soften and treat small cracks in the lips: you need to mix the grated apple with butter (1 tsp), then put the mixture on the lips for half an hour. Then wash off the mask in warm water.

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