How to change the foundation under the house

The technology of replacement and strengthening of the foundation is a whole complex of excavation, construction and repair work.
Foundation replacement should begin with unloading the base. It is very important that the integrity of the structure is not violated. For this purpose, it is necessary to use support pillars or wooden chairs.
After the house is raised, the old foundation is sequentially dismantled, then screw piles are installed into which the channel bars are installed. It is on these channels falls house. The old foundation can be disassembled by hand or using special tools - crowbars, jacks, sledgehammers and chocks. The blows must be applied to the horizontal seams, while the whole bricks are cleaned of the mortar and used again. If the foundation was made of cement mortar, then it is necessary to drive wedges into horizontal and vertical seams. In order to prevent deformation of the walls they need to be strengthened.To do this, along the perimeter of the entire foundation, you need to install anchors that are held together with reinforcement. Walls need to be pulled off with boards, especially those that have door and window openings.
At the design stage of a new foundation, you need to select its type. It is important to consider all aspects: natural, soil-climatic, depth of freezing. Experts advise to establish a new foundation slightly below the level of the former.
The next stage is the installation of piles and their connection with a monolithic pillow. Today, the most popular is shallow-tape foundation. With this method, it is necessary to make a sand pillow and mount formwork on it. The entire structure is poured with concrete. It is necessary to wait some time for the concrete to harden and to waterproof the foundation in 2 layers. The composition of the foundation solution depends on the condition of the foundation. If the damage is quite substantial, then the ratio of cement to sand should be 2: 3. The resulting voids fill up with sand or gravel and perform the blind area.
The easiest and cheapest way to replace unsuitable parts of the basement is cosmetic.Another thing - the dismantling of walls and analysis of the foundation itself. Here, without dismantling the walls and carrying out comprehensive construction activities can not do. Most often when replacing the foundation in place of the destroyed elements are installed pillars, screw or brown ramming piles. A well-renovated foundation is the key to the sustainability of any structure.

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