How to change the language of Windows?

The Windows system always contains several languages ​​for the interface. Usually the default is two - universal English and Russian. But sometimes it happens that you need another language, or even a few. In this case, the ability to change or add a language in Windows 8 and other versions will be very helpful. You can read about solving these problems below.

How to change the Windows interface language

It was impossible to change the interface language in Windows XP due to the lack of the necessary function, but with the advent of Windows 7, such a function was added. But not all builds allow you to do this. Only Maximum and Corporate assemblies have multilingual functionality.

To change the interface language, you must:

  1. First of all, download the desired localization. You can do this yourself by downloading the file from the official Microsoft website in the Windows Update section. But if you do not want to bother with downloading, you can give this thing to Windows Update itself. In the second case, you need to go to the control panel, find the “Language and Regional Standards” section, and then click “Set Language”.This method is recommended in most cases, because it is simple and does not take time to search.
  2. After completing a few points, you get a new language pack. After that, in the same section, you can put the desired language for the interface. In this case, the OS will require you to log out and log in again for the changes to take effect.

But if you still selected the first method, then you need to go to where you can find all available language packs. Direct links lead directly to the download of the installation file, which facilitates the task. It should also be noted that language packs are divided into 32 and 64-bit, as well as for the version of Windows XP with the Service Pack. In addition, they weigh in different ways, which can make it difficult to download a large file on a bad Internet.

After the download, just run the desired file, and the system will install the new language interface package. All that remains is to activate it in the control panel, and after a small restart of the OS, the interface language will change to a new one.

If the language does not change, then you can see the reasons and possibilities for solving this problem in our article Why the language does not change.

How to switch the keyboard in Windows

In all versions of Windows, the keyboard switches the same way.Typically, the default are the keys "Shift + Alt", which will change the keyboard language. You can also click on the language bar on the taskbar on the right, where the clock is. There you can easily change the language by clicking on the desired item. You can also customize the switch keys "by itself".

To do this, you need to left-click on the language bar, select "Language settings", click on "advanced settings", where you will find the item "Change keyboard shortcuts". Unfortunately, the choice in the opened window will be small, but still if you set the language switch to “Shift + Ctrl”, you can simplify your work with the PC a little.

In Windows 8, pressing the "Windows + space", you can immediately switch the language to the desired option. This is an additional functionality of the keys to switch. And you can rearrange the standard version of the keys that switch the layout, just like in older versions of Windows.

How to add another language to the language bar

At any time it may be necessary to use a language other than Russian or English. For example, when communicating with people in other countries, allowing the Internet.

Again, you need to click on the language bar and select "Language Settings".In addition, you can go through the control panel in the "language and regional standards." There you must click in the tab "Languages ​​and Keyboards" on the item "Change Keyboard".

This will lead to a window where you can, by clicking the Add button, load a new keyboard layout language. Moreover, a large list of all available keyboard layouts will be displayed. Choose a language to add to the language bar is not difficult.

After that, the new language keyboard layout will appear in the language bar and you can switch the language with the standard or installed keyboard shortcut or in Windows 8 with the combination “Windows + space”.

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