How to change your Skype username

How to change your Skype usernameIf you need to change your Skype login, you’ll have to create a new account. To do this, you essentially need to register a new user to an email address that is different from the one you already used for the previous registration. Therefore, if you do not have a second mailbox, you must create it. You cannot change your Skype username, but you can change your name, which is displayed in the contact list, and which all your friends see.

Changing the display name in Skype

Guided by the following instructions, you can easily change the name in Skype, the login will remain the same. Since he is in one way or another confidential information, nobody sees or knows him, except for you.


  1. Before changing anything, you need to know your login on Skype. To do this, run the program. If you have not configured automatic filling and logging, you can see the necessary information only by entering the program.How to change your Skype usernameIf you don’t remember your login information, click on the words “Can't login to your account?” And follow the instructions.
  2. At the top of the contact list you will see your nickname.Click on it and next to your avatar click on the word "Management".How to change your Skype username
  3. After that, the page of the official site of Skype will automatically open in your browser. In your personal account you will be offered to change your personal data settings. Scroll down a bit and click on the "Edit" button located opposite the "Personal Information" heading. If you want to change your password in Skype, click the appropriate button located next to it.How to change your Skype username
  4. Then you can add and adjust your personal information. Pay attention to the checkboxes next to the items that indicate whether this data will be seen only by your friends or even those who are not added to the contact list (“Public data”, “For contacts only”)How to change your Skype username
  5. When finished adjusting, click "Save."

Create a new account

Since it is not possible to change the username in Skype, you will have to create a new account. If you do not have a "spare" mailbox, you should get one on any resource. In this example, we will use Yandex mail.

To create a new account you need:

  1. Start a new e-mail.Go to Yandex homepage, go to the Mail tab and follow the instructions to create a box.How to change your Skype username
  2. Start Skype, click on the words "Log in under a different account", and then on "Create an account." The page of the program's official website will automatically open in your browser, where you should fill in the registration form and enter all the necessary data, including the address of the new mailbox. If you enter the previous mail there, the program will generate an error saying that a user is already registered to this mailbox.How to change your Skype username
  3. Change your username and password in Skype, after filling out the form, follow the instructions on the site and complete the registration. Then you can enter the program using the new data.

You can change your Skype login only by creating a new account. If you just need to change your name displayed in the program, use the above instruction. We hope that these recommendations will make your work faster and more convenient.

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