How to choose a ripe watermelon - 17 tips

Lovers of watermelons, there are many, but it is extremely difficult to correctly find and select a ripe and sweet watermelon, environmentally friendly, which contains the minimum amount of nitrates.

By tradition, summer is associated with travel, fresh greenery, sun and beach holidays. In the summer you can enjoy the divine taste of a delicious treat - watermelon.

Juicy and velvety flesh will delight you with pleasant coolness on hot days. Previously, watermelon was considered a fruitless fruit. Over time, scientists have found that watermelon is a source of folic acids, which have a beneficial effect on chemical processes and blood circulation. The pulp contains a lot of iron, vitamin "C" and fiber.

6 secrets to choose a juicy watermelon

In the summer heat, quench thirst and restore the fluid lost by the body juicy pulp of ripe watermelon.

Mature watermelons appear on the shelves in the middle of summer. If you see it in June, I recommend to refuse the purchase.Most likely, it is green and packed with nitrates. It is better to spend money on the purchase of cherries, cherries or strawberries.

  1. Watermelons are bought only in specially equipped kiosks. It is important that they are as far away from the roadway as possible. When purchasing, make sure that they are not stored on the ground. Store allowed on pallets or trays.
  2. Do not follow the advice of the seller, choose without his help. First determine the size of the fetus. The optimum weight of 7-8 kg.
  3. Buy only whole fruits. Through damage, scratches and cracks dirt or microbes get into the pulp.
  4. Look for fruits with a contrasting pattern, they differ crumbly and sweet flesh.
  5. Be sure to check the tail. In a ripe watermelon, it is dry. Green tail indicates no maturity of the fetus.
  6. Knock. The sonorous sound of the indicator of ripeness of the fetus, deaf - lethargy and prescription.
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Rules for the selection of ripe watermelon

As my grandfather used to say, if the "Astrakhan" watermelon lies on the store counter, this does not mean that he was brought from Astrakhan. This refers to the most popular Astrakhan variety.

Certain varieties of watermelons are often stimulated with nitrogen fertilizers.On the surface of the ripe fruit there are pathogenic bacteria. Often during loading, the fruits crack. The juice of a cracked fetus is an ideal breeding ground for germs that cause intestinal diseases.

High-quality ripe fruit can be safely eaten in its pure form, or used for liqueur.

Carved pyramid - the most popular technique used by sellers to prove the freshness of the fruit. I do not trust this method, sellers often use dirty knives.

5 main rules

  1. Make sure the stalk is dry. It is an ideal indicator of ripeness.
  2. The sound of watermelon when tapping depends on the pulp. Ripe makes a dull sound, green - rings.
  3. If the hand is compressed, the fruit is cracking - it is ripe.
  4. If the earth spot is white, it is not worth buying. It is recommended to give preference with a yellow spot.
  5. A ripe watermelon is easily scratched. In a ripe watermelon, the upper layer of the skin can be easily removed with a fingernail.

As you can see, there are many ways to determine ripeness.

How to determine the presence of nitrates in watermelon

Summer has the largest amount of food poisoning. In the hot season, food spoils, and manufacturers add nitrates to speed up ripening.

How to protect yourself from nitrate poisoning?

Buy products that match the season.For example, cherry and strawberries are bought in the summer. If they are offered in spring or autumn, they are greenhouse and contain nitrates.

Watermelons contain a lot of nitrates. According to the sellers, this is due to the size of the fruit. True, the size is achieved thanks to nitrates. Without treatment with nitrates to grow a huge fruit is impossible.

6 rules for the determination of nitrates

Buy a special device - nitratomer. With it, the amount of nitrates in a watermelon is easily determined.

If you do not want to buy a nitrate meter, you can get an approximate information on nitrates yourself.

  1. Absolutely smooth surface of the fruit indicates the presence of nitrates.
  2. Cut the fruit and bring to the light source. The surface of a violet shade is an indicator of the presence of nitrates. The color should be red.
  3. Dip the pulp in clean water. If the water turns red - nitrates are present. If it dims, there are no nitrates.
  4. Ripe fruit, containing nitrates, slightly sourish flavor.
  5. If the seller does not allow the fruit to be cut, evaluate it by appearance. Contains nitrates when tapped does not make sounds. It becomes soft and resembles a shriveled ball.
  6. You can drop a watermelon in a tank of water.If the fruit comes up, there is no nitrate.

Finally I'll add, nitrates concentrate not in the middle, but near the crust. If there is no confidence in the ecological purity of the product, it is not necessary to eat up to the crust itself.

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In the course of the story, I shared the secrets of choosing a ripe and juicy watermelon. Additionally, you learned how to determine the ecological purity of this summer dessert.

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