How to choose and use acrylic powder?

Chic and stylish manicure is an important part of the image. Acrylic powder will help to make it exactly like this. But to achieve amazing results, you need to choose the right tool and learn how to use it.

What it is?

Acrylic powder is a fine polymer powder which, when reacted with the monomer, hardens quickly and acquires strength. And it is precisely because of these properties that the material was initially widely used in dental practice, for example, for the restoration of teeth. And later acrylic powder became raw materials in the nail service, and now it is very popular among modern masters.

What is it used for?

Acrylic nail powder can be used in the following cases:

  • If you want to create an unusual and stylish manicure.
  • If your nails are thin and quickly break, and you really want to enjoy their stylish design. The use of acrylic powder is an excellent plate reinforcement.They become durable, but do not lose their natural flexibility.
  • If you want something unusual. Powder is used for modeling volumetric elements, creating unusual effects and textures.
  • If you are tired of constantly painting your nails. Acrylic powder is a persistent color coating. And the strength and the shade are preserved.

How to make a choice?

How to choose acrylic powder? Pay attention to the following important points:

  • Polymerization rate. The faster the powder is polymerized, the faster it hardens. On the one hand, this reduces the duration of the procedure, but, on the other hand, requires a high speed master and his professional skills. Typically, high-speed polymerization agents can be identified by marking "High Speed".
  • Plastic. This characteristic allows the material to be used not only by experienced craftsmen, but also by beginners. The fact is that this powder is thinner and has a light texture, which makes it much easier and more comfortable to apply, does not clump together and does not spread. Determine the maximum plasticity can be marked "Special".
  • Colour. Available a great many different shades, including very bright, neon.
  • Matte or clear acrylic powder? The first is usually used to create an aquarium manicure, as well as coating in the style of "french." But the transparent powder is ideal for modeling, correction of the shape of the nail or its edge.
  • Camouflage powders are used to eliminate defects and irregularities of the nail plate, for its alignment. The result will be a beautiful and even natural nail. And this is achieved, firstly, due to shades closer to natural, and secondly, with the help of a dense, but plastic structure that fills all the depressions and simulates the texture of the nail plate.
  • Powder with sparkles (glitter-powder). Sequins can have different colors, sizes and shapes, so that with the help of this material you can create any kind of coating or add a basic shade to a stylish design.
  • Stained glass powder is used to create the effect of crystal or so-called "candy" design. And if you combine it with various friable elements, you can design a stylish "aquarium" surface.

How to apply?

First you need to prepare everything you need. It takes powder itself, liquid (i.e. a monomer that,having reacted with the powder, it will give it plasticity during the application and strength after drying), a brush, tips or forms, a gel primer, a degreaser, a manicure set, an activating agent.

How to use acrylic powder? Main stages:

  1. First, determine the design, shade and shape of the nails.
  2. Now give the nail plate the desired shape, and remove the cuticle.
  3. Next, prepare the surface by treating it with a degreaser. It removes all impurities from the nails and ensures maximum adhesion of the plate to the material.
  4. As under the gel, a gel primer is applied under the polymer powder, which ensures maximum resistance of the coating.
  5. Next, fasten the nails on the tips or forms that will be used as the basis for applying acrylic.
  6. Now begins the most interesting and difficult. Take a brush, dip it first in liquid, and then immediately in acrylic powder and immediately start applying the material. Distribute it quickly and gently across the nail plate so that the layer is even. Continue to apply the powder until the nails get the desired thickness and shape.
  7. Now remove the tips and wait until the nails are completely dry. As a rule, it takes no more than one minute.
  8. Apply an activator to fix the result.
  9. Polish the nail, giving it a final shape. Create a final design if required.

Advantages and disadvantages

Finally, you should list the advantages and disadvantages of using acrylic powder. You should start with the pros:

  • Persistence Acrylic - an incredibly durable material, so that, having made a manicure, you can enjoy it for a long time, especially if you make corrections in a timely manner.
  • Large selection of tones and textures. There are a lot of shades: from discreet, calm and pastel to saturated, bright and neon. And you can also create different textures and experiment.
  • Interesting design. You can create with the help of such a material a variety of effects and three-dimensional elements, and the brightness and originality in the trend! In the photo and live nails look just amazing!
  • Broken nails do not have to paint, because the base coat already has a certain shade, which is very convenient!
  • Quite affordable price.
  • Quick dryingThe hardening is provided not with the help of an ultraviolet lamp, as with gel build-up, but as a result of the reaction of a polymer powder (ie, powder) and a monomer (liquidation).

Now the cons:

  • Working with such material is quite difficult, as it is thick and is not easy to apply. And it requires certain skills and training, so to master the technique, it will take a lot of time and effort.
  • A high rate of application of acrylic powder is assumed, because it hardens quickly. So if you create an interesting design, think over each movement in advance and implement it confidently and as quickly as possible, otherwise the result will be very different from what you want.
  • Many acrylic powders have an unpleasant odor. And if you consider that the procedure is quite long, then it can cause discomfort and discomfort.

If you want to make a stylish and bright manicure, get acrylic powder and begin to master the technique of working with this material.

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