What kind of flooring should I choose for carpet or carpet?

Carpet, carpet or carpet? A question that homeowners are asking who have no idea about the advantages and disadvantages of these coatings. However, to begin with, it would not be superfluous to understand what the presented floor coverings are and understand what their main differences are.

Carpet - a product created by woven fabric, has a high density, can be made of synthetic and natural materials. Carpets are widely used in the decoration of interiors of different styles, they are appropriate on the floor and walls. Products have an attractive design, can be monochromatic colored or with a pattern. Carpets without pile are called carpets.

Carpet is a coating, the creation of which can be used natural and synthetic materials (nylon, wool, polyamide, etc.). Such a coating is produced in rolls, has no precise dimensions. The interior is used for floor decoration - spread from the wall close to the wall.

Carpet Benefits:

  • Durability: the carpet is able to last at least 10 years, carpet - no more than 5 years;
  • A wide range of composition, design, color and size;
  • Carpets can be quickly and effortlessly reworked by decorating another room;
  • Can be used in any environment, including the kitchen and the corridor. True, in such rooms it is better to lay a carpet, from which surface it is much easier to remove dirt and remove stains;
  • You can clean the floors under the carpet, and you can dry-clean the flooring if necessary;
  • Products bring special coziness and charm to the interior, while carpet is most often associated with office premises;
  • There is an opportunity to use for wall decoration;
  • There are no traces of furniture legs on high-pile carpets; carpet moths and dust mites do not "settle" in them - insects that most often infest in dark corners, under furniture, on carpet along walls;
  • The carpet can be laid on the carpet to effectively zoning the room (popular in America).

The advantages of carpet over carpets:

  • Ideal for decorating office spaces;
  • Affordable price - to buy a carpet whose price is an order of magnitude higher than the cost of carpet, will become simply an irrational solution for the decoration of the office
  • Before use, it does not need to prepare the base - it is completely optional to lay the laminate or linoleum;
  • It has a high level of sound insulation;
  • Does not slip on the floor, its edges do not bend;
  • High-quality carpet can be “loaded” with heavy furniture - there will be no footprints on the floor.

In Conclusion

As you can see, although there is a difference between carpets and carpet, it is insignificant.

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