How to choose fashionable knitted things

Knitted things are always in fashion. Such clothes have become classics, which warms the soul and body with uniqueness and practicality. As you guessed, the subject of the article will be knitted fashion and how to choose the right fashion knitwear.

A lace skirt and a warm sweater, crocheted or knitted, draws attention. This is a fashionable item and a handmade copy at the same time. If you want to buy a unique item, knitted clothes are what you need. She will delight with elegance and beauty. You will not find a person wearing the same clothes on the street.

In the middle of the twentieth century, knitted things were associated with a grandmother, sitting in a rocking chair and knitting socks. Today, manufacturers are pleased with a variety of knitted bags, cosmetic bags, dresses, sweaters, hats. In the wardrobe of every woman there are several such things, including sweaters, ponchos and cardigans.

Do not think that knitted things are suitable only for winter. Such products are suitable for all seasons. Consider each in more detail.

List of fashionable winter knitted things

The list of favorites of designers is represented by dimensionless styles, baggy cut and coarse weaving. They decided to abandon the strict silhouettes, choosing a cozy and warm robes.

Let's talk about styles.

  • Popular knitwear straight cut. Snow-white binding looks fresh. Designers recommend wearing such clothes not only in winter.
  • In the trend sports hoodies with suede inserts and side cuts, and fashionable knitted tunics with beautiful hoods.
  • On top of the fashion are cascading products with a short front and an extended ass.
  • The hourglass principle is again at its peak of popularity. Knitted clothes that combine a wide top, an extended bottom and a narrow waist, looks impressive.

I will give examples of knitted clothes.

  1. Poncho, cardigans, coat. Some designers have shown imagination among these clothes. They offer products that combine free tailoring, maximum length and inconspicuous colors. As for jewelry, zippers are used.
  2. Other designers offer such products with thin belts and buttons to create femininity.
  3. Capets with openings for hands are considered fashionable.They are characterized by rough viscous and a light color scheme, represented by shades of white.
  4. At the peak of the popularity of skirts, vests and sweaters. Monochrome outerwear gave way to rainbow blocks on striped skirts and sweaters, emphasizing individuality.
  5. Some designers have relied on three-piece suits in different shades of gray.
  6. Sports line is not deprived of attention. It combines color knit with long sleeves and themed patterns.
  7. The sets, in spite of dense materials, make the figure slim and give a spectacular look thanks to sophisticated vests.
  8. Sweaters got a lot of changes. Popular models with extended shoulders and stripped length. Such clothes look great.
  9. Special attention deserve fashionable dresses and tunics. In the trend of volume products and models of several layers.
  10. Not bypassed fashion and office clothes. Monochrome fitted dresses with brilliant decor and contrasting inserts are present in many collections.
  11. Knitted tunic is a thing that creates an evening and everyday look. Thanks to the multifunctionality, the tunic becomes a functional outfit, which is recommended to be worn together with a skirt or trousers.

Women try to look great and crave comfort even in winter.Knitted fashion offers for this elegant products that fit into any image and image.

Spring knitwear

Spring season is replete with knitted clothes. Fashion offers cardigans, sweaters, hats, ponchos and scarves.

I will unravel the “fashion ball” so that you will find out what the designers are surprising about in the spring. I hasten to warn you, the choice of fashionable knitted clothes is gorgeous.

Some designers have come together to make stylish trendy pieces. The main bet is made on a monochromatic combination of garments. It turned out warm, cozy, beautiful and practical.

  • Dress-tunic to the knee looks gorgeous. They are combined with trousers or a tandem of brutal shoes and tight tights. A coat or a long parka helps to complete the look.
  • Poncho - trendy clothes of spring wardrobe. Fashion designers are pleased with a wide choice of monotonous and decorated models.
  • On the poncho advised to pay attention to the full fashionistas. With the help of a cape, they hide the shortcomings of the figure and conduct an experiment with the image.
  • A hit of the spring season is considered to be voluminous and long cardigans. If you are a desperate fashionista, wear these clothes on your naked body.Otherwise, I advise you to use a knitted cardigan as a coat.
  • The next trend of the spring season are knitted hats. They look paired with denim clothing, dress-tunic or sweater. Some models of hats are decorated with muzzles of fabulous animals.

Knitting is not spared and men's fashion. Thanks to hand or machine knitting, fashion designers have released a lot of options for interesting and stylish clothes.

  1. In men's fashion knit hoods, there are notes of an era when knights fought for the ladies' hearts. To think that a bonnet is an element of a woman’s wardrobe is incompatible, because fashion designers are trying to prove the opposite.
  2. No less fashionable in the spring will be men's cardigans, sweaters and sweaters. Products of coarse-knit at the same time warm, stylish and practical. Wear clothing recommended in conjunction with strict trousers and a business shirt.

Knitted fashion in summer

Knitted summer clothes are very popular. This is not surprising, handmade products have always been valued.

  • Heath of summer - knitted dresses that make the image of a fashionista irresistible and feminine. If it comes to outfits created by weaving, the girl will be romantic and charming.
  • Fans of classic style fashion has prepared many models of openwork dresses of pastel colors. I advise young ladies to pay attention to bright dresses of medium length with bare shoulders.
  • Dress is not enough to create a full summer look. You will need beautiful sandals and accessories - handbags, glasses and straps.
  • One of the first trends of summer is crocheted clothing. Any product is a handmade product, because the machine can not repeat a tight crochet hook.
  • At the height of fashion style Boho. It is represented by loose-fitting multi-layered clothing.
  • Keep up with the listed popular clothes and sweaters with tops. Sundresses out of competition due to comfort and convenience.
  • Some designers offer knitted shoes.
  • Fashionable colors a bit. At the peak of orange color along with shades. Ivory and white classics were placed on the second and third positions.

Knitted summer fashion is limitless. In the collections of designers there are knitted dresses that differ only in length and patterns. Sundresses that resemble a dress are also on the crest of fashion. They help to show imagination by using styles, patterns and colors.Opportunities to change and bring to perfection the image set.

How to wear knitwear in the fall

Previously, knitted clothing was considered the lot of grandmothers. Today mating is popular even among girls. What is the secret of the popularity of such things, and how to wear it in the fall?

Knitted clothing has not only aesthetic, but also practical properties, which are manifested during the cold weather. The world of things is full of original products, the wearing of which will envy any woman who wants to become fashionable.

  1. Fashionistas who do not want to part with dresses in the fall, I recommend to buy a knitted model. Light shades paired with a light knitting will make the image seductive and attractive, without going beyond the edge of a romantic silhouette.
  2. For those who like warm clothes, the designers have prepared fluffy dresses with a fluffy skirt. This light product looks stylish and does not hamper the movement. The secret is that the outfit is made from vintage threads.
  3. Women in the fall wear comfortable trousers, which are combined with sweaters and sweaters.
  4. The color and pattern of the jacket plays a secondary role. You can take a product with a print or geometric shapes.The main thing is that it is combined with the bottom.
  5. Fashion is not limited to clothing. Popularity is growing even in the abode of accessories. Autumn knitted hats are an addition to a coat or a stylish jacket. Headgear is not inferior to pretentious sweaters, but their colors are more modest. Popular shades of blue and green, pastel colors.
  6. The highlight of autumn will be knitted waistcoats, which can easily fit into any image. Due to the elegant appearance, fashionable colors and correct form, it is recommended to wear a vest for walking and work.
  7. On fashionable vests are recommended to pay attention and youth. Modelers created a lot of bright samples, which are suitable for visiting night clubs and discos.

Knitted fashion for the fall season is not inferior to the protégé. It is original, diverse and multifaceted. Fashionable women will fill up the autumn wardrobe with stylish things that will take care of the health of the body and the beauty of the image.

Knitted clothes will never lose relevance. If you know how to handle crochet or knitting, for sure, in the wardrobe there are always unique things. But, to tie a beautiful jacket or skirt is half the battle.To make clothes happy, it should be properly washed, dried and stored. I will tell about this in the final part of the article.

How to wash and store knitted items

Care rules

  1. Let's talk about care and storage. If the knitted clothes have a nasty puff, do not cut them. Carefully thread the loop inside and grab the inside with imperceptible stitches.
  2. Some ladies are struggling with the pellets with a shaving machine. It is not right. Solve the problem manually or using a special tool.
  3. Did you know that knitted things can not be stored on hangers? To prevent clothing from stretching and keeping the shape, store it on the shelf in folded form.
  4. If the pattern on the blouse loses volume, then you iron it. Take advantage of the vertical steaming function. This is the only way to save the volume of things.

Proper washing

  • Wash knits in the washing machine is not recommended. In extreme cases, before washing, put the thing in the bag. Wash by hand without spinning.
  • Hand wash is less dangerous. Use laundry detergent.
  • After the "water procedures" do not unscrew things.Squeeze out as much water as possible from the clothes and place them on a table or flat surface. After giving the original shape, leave the thing until it dries.

I hope with my help knitted fashion has opened its secrets.

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