How to choose real conversions?

Many young people wear conversions today. Such shoes look stylish, bright and youth. But so that they serve as long as possible and look as attractive as after the purchase, find out how to distinguish the original from the purchase.

What it is?

What are conversions? These are world famous sneakers manufactured by Converse. The full name of this shoe sounds like “Chuck Taylor All-Star”. The founder of the company, which appeared back in 1908, was Marcus Mills Converse. For the first time such shoes appeared in basketball stores in 1917. The first model was called "All-Star".

And at first, the novelty almost did not impress anyone, but once the famous basketball player Chuck Taylor, who really liked the design, entered the store. As a result, he began to take an active part in the advertising campaign, and the sneakers themselves were slightly refined. They received a new name, and on the side began to flaunt a badge with the signature of a basketball player.

By the way, initially Converse sneakers were considered an attribute of punk culture, so since almost the 70s of the last century almost all punks wore them.But then the conversions were gradually forgotten, and in the 1990s they became very popular again, especially among grunge fans. Today, such shoes are worn by representatives of various subcultures.


Conversions are available in a variety of models. It can be short, medium in length and long sneakers. Color can also be almost anything, and some models are decorated with unusual patterns. In addition, for the manufacture of various materials are used.

If the first conversions were only made of cloth, then they were made from leather, suede, denim, vinyl. In addition, there are sneakers and no laces. This design was developed by Chuck Taylor himself, and shortly before his death.

How to choose these sneakers?

How to distinguish real conversions from fakes? Pay attention to the following important points:

  1. Look carefully at the sneakers. Paint should be uniform and bright. There should be no glue residue or stains on the surface.
  2. Rate the sole. In the original sneakers, it is smooth, dense and rather thick, does not have an unpleasant smell. Socks are straight and tight to the surface when the shoes are standing.For fake sneakers, the sole may be too thin, crooked, or have an unpleasant and sharp smell. The sock will be upturned. In addition, on the sole should be inscribed "Converse ALL STAR". Be sure to evaluate the spelling of this phrase and the quality of paint. All letters must be straight. There is an inscription "ALL STAR" and on the edge of the sole in the heel area. Between these two words you will see a star. Until 2009, the mark ® was placed under the star, but then it was removed, although today models with it are being released again. In addition, the latest models above the familiar inscription have the word "CONVERSE". In any case, all letters must be even. The sticker itself (it is made of the same material as the sole) will be literally soldered, not glued, and exactly.
  3. Look carefully at all the seams. The original sneakers are flat, all stitches are the same length. In addition, the thread is slightly shiny. If you notice a roughness, missed stitches or sticking threads, then before you is absolutely fake.
  4. Carefully consider the insole. It should be made of durable smooth fabric. There can be no sticking or pushing threads on the sides of these conversions.In addition, on the insole you will find the inscription "Converse" and icons indicating the materials from which the shoes are made. All letters must be clear and even, written in dark blue paint. At a counterfeit such inscription can be black or violet, and in due course she will be erased. In addition, the insole should not be removed.
  5. Rate the tongue. It should be smooth, like all stitches from the outer and inner sides. The edge of the original is covered with threads that completely coincide with the fabric in color. In addition, on the back of the tab you will find a tag. Feel her. It should be smooth and convex, as if there is air under it. With fake shoe, it is simply glued, while the edges can easily be detached from the fabric. Consider the entry on the tag. There must be indicated the country of origin, item number and size.
  6. Manufacturer country. Original sneakers are produced in only four countries, namely in Vietnam, Indonesia, India and China.
  7. Feel the heel back. At original sneakers it will be firm, dense and stable, made of quality cardboard. In the fakes, the backdrops are thin and easily wrinkled.
  8. Box. The original has a black box of rich color.A box of fake sneakers will be dull. In addition, real conversions are wrapped in paper, not wrapped in a bag. By the way, the article on the box should match the article indicated on the tag of the uvula. In any case, the box should be available.
  9. Company logo. He has a high shoe and is located on the inside of the ankle. A round logo can be made in several variants: in the form of an imprint on the skin, in the form of embroidery or in the form of an applique. Consider the sign. On it you will find the inscriptions "Converse" and "All Star", as well as the name of basketball player Chuck Taylor (Chuck Taylor), written by hand. The emblem must be neat, and all letters must be clear. In addition, the logo should be attached to the fabric very tightly and not lag behind when trying to tear it off, even after a year of wearing. With fake sneakers, he can be unstuck in a month.
  10. The weight. Usually fakes are lighter than the original sneakers.
  11. A tag with a tag on a ball chain has not been attached to sneakers since 2014, although it used to be on all models.
  12. Price. The cost of these conversions ranges from 50-100 dollars, depending on the model. Too low price should be alerted.

Now you can definitely choose the original sneakers.

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