How to choose shoes for full legs

How to choose shoes for full legsWho among women does not want to look attractive? Probably hard to find one. Regardless of build. Good shoes give you the opportunity to feel confident on the podium and on a bumpy road. Does not tire her legs during a long walk, allows her to breathe and not to look at the next ladder as a punishment.

So, what to choose for full legs from a huge range on the market?

Color and fine details

  • In no case do not need to choose shoes, especially boots, white, or sheathed with rhinestones, from the shiny material.
  • Perfectly fit black, dark brown models.
  • Avoid shoes with bright, eye-catching patterns. This will also visually increase the leg.
  • Massive jewelery like bows, flowers, beads, berries, chains, etc. will not work either. Austerity, brevity and classic - that's what is always in fashion.
  • The straps and strings will create wrinkles and redness, so you should be very careful with them. In addition, they strongly squeeze the foot and can rub.
  • But the long thin cuts along, and not across the lower leg will lengthen the foot.

Color and fine details

Heel or platform?

The platform will do better. It is more practical and looks neater. The difference between the heel and toe height should be such that the leg is visually lengthened.

A massive heel or its opposite - a thin high stud will also not be beneficial to emphasize fullness. In addition, it is also a very large load and tension.

Heel or platform?


It is advisable to stop your choice on natural skin, otherwise by the end of the day the leg will swell and sweating will increase. Good will be worn stitched models. They are durable, but for rainy weather, it is better to give preference to glued.

Summer sandals and sandals

Choosing shoes for the summer season, do not rush. It is better to go to the fitting in the late afternoon, when the leg is a bit swollen, it will help you choose the model for you. So we avoid corns and corns. Do not open your fingers much. It is better to choose shoes with rounded, slightly sharp noses.

Winter boots for full legs

Classical boots, without accordions, folds, excessive jewelry, medium heel or platform height, without lacing, are best suited.The upper leg is higher than the calf, which will lengthen and thin the leg.

Measuring new shoes, do not hesitate to twist a little longer in front of the mirror, consider yourself in them from all angles. Fuck, walk in them as you walk along the boulevard. Do not forget to bring socks. It will be hygienic, and you will not choose what you will then rub.

Do not save too much, because inexpensive shoes quickly come into disrepair, lose their original appearance and most often it is made of artificial leather. Your legs will be extremely uncomfortable, and they will not breathe at all.

It is necessary to alternate shoes on a low run with a heel, since the higher it is, the greater the load on the spine and the foot. And this, in turn, will sooner or later lead to varicose veins, bumps around the thumb, curvature and deformity.

Summer sandals and sandals

Do not forget about the rest for the feet. No matter how good the shoes are, nothing can replace soft slippers (or barefoot), massage (massage caviar, roll a tennis ball or bottle with legs), and cold douche will restore blood circulation. And in the summer period, take more often foot baths, do not forget about the scrub for heels, ointments from natoptysh, creams from cracks in the legs, etc.

And remember, the full legs can also look attractive, the main thing is to competently go to the choice of shoes. I want to believe that our advice will help you. Have a nice shopping.

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