How to choose the right curtains - tips and tricks

Before you choose the curtains, be sure to read the article. It will help make the right choice.

When a person enters the room, he first glances at the nearest window. It attracts the design and the landscape behind it. The design of the window system can emphasize the style of the room, giving it a complete finish. This helps curtains. They are used to protect from sunlight or side eyes. Curtains - an element of the interior, complementing the ensemble of furniture and decoration.

Properly selected curtains change the mood in the room, emphasize the character of the apartment's residents, change the shape of the window and increase the height of the ceiling. The choice of curtains is a creative activity. There are special rules that will help to avoid mistakes during the choice of style, pattern and shade.

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It is difficult to argue that the windows - part of the apartment. Curtains - this is a kind of window clothing.Windows complement the furnishings and are considered a highlight of the room. They emphasize the dignity of the interior or hide flaws.

Each apartment has a unique style. In order for the curtains to fit into the picture, modifications of the room are required. You can organize them through additions, including: grommets, clips, cords and pelmets. In the store person expects a variety of offers.

Before starting to design windows, I recommend taking into account the parameters: the size of the windows, the dimensions of the room, the height of the ceilings, the characteristics of the room, the style of the interior.

  1. If the ceiling is low, refuse lambrequins. Buy monochrome models. When there are large windows and high ceilings in the room, recommendations state to give preference to long versions with assemblies.
  2. The ideal option for a small room are light curtains. To achieve the effect of thick curtains, make a multi-layered composition of transparent fabric.
  3. The eaves from one wall to the second visually expands the room, and the vertical stripes visually lift the ceiling. Curtains with horizontal stripes make the narrow and high room cozy and low.
  4. Violet, gray and blue colors make the interior cool. Terracotta, red and yellow - warmed up.
  5. If you do not want new curtains to be lost in the interior, choose a darker or lighter shade of the walls. It's good when the color matches the upholstery color of the furniture.

I experiment with the interior of the apartment. If it's summer outside, I hang curtains made of fine cotton fabric on the windows. As soon as winter comes, replace them with thick varieties of warm color. As a result, I get a New Year's interior.

Try to conduct such an experiment at home. I must say, the result will satisfy you. This will bring a freshness to the interior.

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Selection of curtains by color

Color is also important as a style. If you choose the right color scheme, you will visually expand the room, make it light or darken. Curtains - a decorative element that allows at the minimum cost to change the interior space.

To avoid mistakes, remember that bright colors add light, and cool shades solve the problem with excess amounts.

There are no strict selection rules for color. It is not necessary that they are combined with furniture upholstery or a touch of wallpaper.The main thing is that they fit into the picture in style, texture, ornament and style.

  1. Saving. Curtains to match the furniture upholstery will help to save. Focus on the color of the wallpaper is not worth it. It is necessary to perekleivat the lost type of wallpaper more often than buying a new furniture.
  2. Perfect option. If there are a lot of flowers in the room, people do not know what to look for when choosing. I recommend to focus on furniture in the room.
  3. Neutrality. If you do not attract a stylist to create an interior, but you cannot boast of personal design abilities, stop choosing neutral colors. This will make it easy to change the mood and style of the room without affecting the curtains.
  4. Color bundle. Having chosen a neutral color, tie them to the interior element, decorating it with lambrequin or colored drapery. Engage colored edging.
  5. Landmark window. If you want to attract the attention element of the room was a window, give preference to bright models in a cell or a strip.
  6. Variety of colors. If there are many colors in the interior, make your eyes rest. Not bright curtains to the color of the wall decoration will help.
  7. Monochrome. If you prefer a monochrome interior, it is not necessary to dwell on curtains that are combined in color with other textiles, furniture upholstery or wall color. Stop the selection on products close shade. So the window system will separate and not merge with the overall picture.

The color scheme affects the impression of the room. With the help of properly selected curtains you can reduce the large living room or enlarge the small kitchenette. Do not rush to make the final choice, first think about everything.

Choosing curtains for the hall

In the old days, curtains in rooms had practical properties — with their help, people protected themselves from sunlight and drafts. Later, people realized that they are suitable for decorating the premises. Over time, they became the main interior element.

In the manufacture of parts and interior items are used textile materials. Textiles add an interesting "zest" to the room.

What is a room without curtains? In it you feel uncomfortable, the interior seems unfinished. There are design solutions without their use in the interior. Other elements are used instead.

  1. Before going to the store, analyze fashion trends.So you will find out what colors and textures are in fashion. There is also a fashion for drapery methods.
  2. Having stopped the choice on unique curtains, do not try to emphasize their appearance after purchase. True beauty to muffle is unreal.
  3. Curtains for the hall are an independent set consisting of tulle, fabric curtains and lambrequin. When choosing, be guided by the interior of the room and design, take into account the colors and features.
  4. If a large family, during the selection, consider the tastes of households. So you will make the interior of the hall cozy for everyone.

If the purchased curtains seem not as beautiful as during the selection, decorate with decorative elements or tie with ribbons. Previously, heavy options were considered fashionable. Now people prefer lightweight curtains that make the windows airy.

Selection of curtains in the bedroom

The apartment for the bedroom decided to give the best room. In this room should prevail comfort with intimacy and comfort.

An important point in the design of the bedroom is the choice of curtains, which must comply with the style of the room. Only the correct choice will provide pleasant impressions and positive emotions from being in the room.

First of all, solve the issue with the functional purpose.They can protect the bedroom from excessive light and outside views, to be an element of the interior that plays an aesthetic role. Choose curtains taking into account that in the future it may be necessary to regulate the flow of natural light into the room. Dense models will help reduce the intensity of daylight. Light fabrics dim the light, leaving the room lit. From the purchase of synthetic products refuse.

During the purchase it is recommended to pay attention to practicality. It refers to the type of fabric, ease of suspension, difficulty in maintenance and a neat appearance. As practice shows, thick curtains with lush drapery impractical, the demand for them is small.

In the bedroom more often buy curtains from thick, easy to wash and keep the shape of the fabric.

  1. In the bedroom, buy products from dense fabric. The main thing is that they reduce the intensity of light. You can check in the store.
  2. Constant twilight badly affects the moral and physical condition. Dense fabric is recommended to combine with tulle.
  3. The design must be correct. Tulle must be used. It gently distributes natural light.
  4. Do not disregard the stylistic features of the room. If the bedroom is made in the eastern style, buy brocade curtains. For classic bedrooms are suitable products with lambrequin.
  5. Curtains of natural or muted shades are considered a good solution for the bedroom. Such products have a calming effect. Make sure the palette matches the other textile design of the room.
  6. Do not skimp on buying. Artificial fabrics cause allergic irritation and “delight” with a static effect.

Curtains with ecological motifs such as leaves, flowers, birds and plants are considered popular. Do not disregard lambrequins with roman blinds and curtains.

What are needed curtains for the kitchen

Each hostess, who decided to design a kitchen interior, asks questions related to the choice of curtains for the kitchen? It is not without reason, the modern variety of products complicates the choice.

Remember, kitchen curtains are an interior element that allows you to change the appearance of a room. As a result, the cooking workshop becomes a cozy place for the family.

Traditionally in the kitchen there are a few large objects.Only pots, kettles and other cooking utensils. The dominant color of the room is determined by the walls and kitchen furniture, and the curtains are diluted.

  1. Light curtains. They create an atmosphere of lightness and spaciousness.
  2. Short - a solution to increase space.
  3. Fabric with stain-resistant properties. For kitchen products with such characteristics are indispensable.
  4. In the kitchen, people cook. The air in the room is saturated with soot and grease. From curtains with pleats refuse, they quickly get dirty.
  5. The ideal option for the kitchen are light curtains with adjustable height. The fabric cloth will approach them.
  6. Color is also important. Light - the leader. Spread the walls and create a magical atmosphere.
  7. The dark ones. Narrow the room. If they have a small picture, it seems the untidiness of the room.
  8. Bright. They create a joyful and spring mood in the room.
  9. White. Rarely found in the kitchen. Less easily soiled.
  10. The length of the curtains. Pick up according to the style of the room.
  11. In the classic style fit long models.
  12. Short bole practical and convenient. Do not close the window sill, less get dirty and expand the space.
  13. Ideal - roll or roman curtains. They do not need a lot of space, they are functional and practical.

Kitchen curtains should be functional, practical, beautiful and stylish.

The best curtains for the living room

The living room is the room in which the family lives. Here are family conversations, organize home council, celebrate the New Year. When choosing curtains looking for a neutral option to the interior of the living room like all members of the family.

Before you choose curtains for the living room, remember, this room is inherent in a friendly atmosphere and comfort. This fact must be taken into account, and the desires of family members correlate with the interior of the room.

  1. Decide on a palette of colors and select a shade. Based on it, you can choose the appropriate color or semitone.
  2. If you want to make curtains a bright element of the room, stop choosing bright colors.
  3. For the room, made in the style of hi-tech or minimalism, suitable neutral colors. The texture of the fabric should be gentle and simple.
  4. During the selection of curtains in the living room, be guided by their function. Decide what kind of curtains you want to see in the living room. Light or dense material?
  5. Calculate the width and length. Pay attention to the height and number of tiers.
  6. Determine the amount of light in the room. If you need a bright living room, buy thin curtains. A cozy room will make the room cozy.
  7. It is good, when the design of curtains corresponds to an interior.
  8. Simple option. Four curtains are mounted on the eaves through the rings. Suitable for medium and light shades.
  9. If you want to hide the curtain fastening mechanism, get a beautiful curtain rod.
  10. To create the effect of lightness, purchase translucent curtains.
  11. To increase the area of ​​the room and the height of the ceiling, attach the curtains under the ceiling.

If you want to diversify the interior of the room, combine several curtains. For heavy curtains made of thick fabric, hang flowing or lightweight products. In the daytime they will transmit light.

Remember, fabric curtains can be added or changed, as a result the interior of the room will be refreshed. Ribbons and bows will help.

If you think that the tape is not enough, use beads as an alternative to garter curtains. An additional element of the curtains will be a good tulle.Buy a few different options and update the interior from time to time.

Video professional advice

The interior of the room is a tiny world that has character, style and mood. Strive to make the interior welcoming and hospitable. He will warm, regardless of the weather.

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