How to connect the "Zero" on the MTS?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
November 26, 2014
How to connect the "Zero" on the MTS?

The “Zero without Borders” service allows MTS subscribers to receive incoming calls in international roaming mode for free. You can connect it using several methods.

"Internet Assistant"

You can connect “Zero without Borders” through the “Internet Assistant” service. To use it, you need to go. Then you need to go through authorization on the “Internet Assistant” service, then in the main menu select the “International roaming” option, and then click on the “Activate service 0 without borders” option.

USSD request

The service “0 without borders” can be activated using a USSD request. Dial the following command from your mobile: * 111 * 4444 #, and then click on the "Call" button. You can also activate this service with the help of this request: * 444 # + Call.

SMS message

Activation of the “Zero without Borders” service is carried out using an SMS message. It should be sent to the number 111, the message should contain the following text: 33.

Operator assistance

To connect such a service, you can contact the operator for help.To do this, you need to call this number: 8 800 250 08 90. Then ask the operator to connect you to "Zero without limits."

You can also go to one of the offices of MTS. But be sure to bring your passport with you. When you come to the office, contact the free operator, fill out the proposed form and present your ID. After that, you will activate the service "Zero without borders."

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