How to cook kvass from malt - 7 step-by-step recipes

Malt-based kvass is an excellent drink during hot and hot summer days with tonic properties and beneficial qualities. The main ingredient for malt is cereal seeds that have undergone a multi-stage treatment. Malt is made from oats, wheat, millet, barley or rye. Each variety of cereal requires strict adherence to cooking technology.

Home-made kvass from malt is often made from barley or rye base, which are actively used by brewers in the manufacture of beer.

Kvass from fermented malt


to make sourdough

  • Water - 1 l,
  • Yeast - 2 small spoons,
  • Sugar - 5 tablespoons,
  • The fermented malt (rye) - 1 glass.

for kvass

  • Water - 3 liters,
  • Sourdough - 1 cup,
  • Raisins - 2 tablespoons,
  • Sugar - 5 large spoons.
  1. I start with sourdough. I take the pot, put it on the stove and boil 1 l of water in it. I pour out the malt and mix it thoroughly. Lumps should not remain.I get a homogeneous mass. I let it brew for 2-3 hours.
  2. Pour the mixture into another dish, add 5 tbsp. l. sugar, yeast (must be diluted). I put it in the fridge for the night. I boil 3 liters of water for kvass in a saucepan and leave it in the kitchen.
  3. In the morning I pour the cooled boiled water into the jar. I put the finished concentrate, 1 cup is enough, dried berries, sugar. I leave the jar in the fridge for the night. In the morning I get a delicious and fragrant drink.
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To reuse the thick, it is necessary to strain the brew through several layers of gauze. Leave the sourdough in a jar, add kvass base, sugar, raisins to taste. Do not be afraid to experiment with the ground, use the ingredients in different proportions. They will change the richness and flavor of the drink.

Light kvass from unfermented malt

Rye-based unfermented malt does not undergo a fermentation process, has a light-yellow shade and a sweetish taste. It is used in making bread. If desired, a very tasty kvass can be made from non-fermented malt flour.

  • Water - 3 liters,
  • Wheat flour - half a cup,
  • Unfermented rye malt (in the form of a hammer) - 1 cup,
  • Yeast starter (pre-cooked) - 1 small spoon,
  • Raisin - 10 pieces.
  1. I take a deep pan, add malt and flour. Pour 1 liter of boiling water, carefully stir the wort, the goal - to obtain a homogeneous mass.
  2. Leave alone for a few hours. Waiting for the mixture to cool to 38-40 degrees. Spread sourdough and dried grapes. Leave on the table, covered with a towel. The fermentation process will begin in a few hours, depending on the temperature in the room.
  3. Pouring two liters of cold water into the tank. Waiting for another 24-30 hours.
  4. In order not to overdo kvass and make it very sour, I taste it from time to time. Bottled, put in the fridge for "ripening" (2-3 days).

Helpful advice.In the recipe, you can use buckwheat flour instead of wheat. Kvass will be unusual, with a slight bitterness.

The recipe for kvass from malt without yeast

  • Water - 3 liters,
  • Sugar - 2 tablespoons,
  • Rye fermented malt - 5 tablespoons,
  • Raisin - 180 g
  1. I start cooking the sourdough in the pan. Dissolve 3 tablespoons of malt with sugar in a liter of hot water. Leave a leaven base for two hours.
  2. I fall asleep in raisin mixture and discard the remaining malt. Pour 2 liters of hot water. Cover the pot with a thick cloth and leave overnight.
  3. In the morning I filter the drink several times with cheesecloth. I poured into bottles, I send to the refrigerator to cool. The ready-made drink is in no way inferior to kvass from bread.

Helpful advice.You can use the starter several times. Add sugar and dried grapes to taste, fill with water, draw and drink kvass from malt to your health!

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How to cook kvass on barley malt

Barley on the basis of barley is a fragrant drink with a pleasant light taste. The cooking process includes baking bread and preparing homemade crackers.

  • Water - 5 l,
  • Barley malt - 250 g,
  • Rye flour - 500 ml,
  • Sugar - 200 g,
  • Dry yeast - 1 small spoon.
  1. I cook the dough on the basis of three ingredients - water, malt and rye flour. Carefully knead and sculpt the ball. Sent into the oven for baking. First, I dry the dough for an hour at 60-70 degrees.
  2. I increase the temperature to 200 degrees, fry 50 minutes. Fragrant and fresh homemade bread loaf cool.I cut it into thin slices, I dry it in the oven until golden brown for 20 minutes. I get toasts.
  3. I lay toasted and chopped bread in a jar, pour water. I supplement the mixture with sugar and water, pour the malt straight out of the package, mix it and leave it in a warm place for 10-12 hours, and better for 1 day. Strain, pour into bottles or jars, tightly close the lid. I put the cool down. Done!

White kvass from malt

White kvass is a non-standard and bold recipe with the addition of beer, fermented malt and kefir. Be sure to try it!

  • Water - 3 liters,
  • Fermented malt - 1 cup,
  • Beer - half circle,
  • Kefir - polukruzhki.
  • Oatmeal - 1 cup,
  • Wheat flour - 2 glasses,
  • Salt - 10 g,
  • Sugar - 20 g.
  1. Sift wheat flour, pour over boiling water and gently knead the dough until a homogeneous mass without lumps.
  2. "Hercules" soaked in warm water, let it brew for an hour. I chop the oatmeal with a meat grinder, pour boiling water. The dough should turn out to be watery.
  3. I mix two doughs, dilute with water, pour kefir and frothy drink, add sugar, salt and kvass base (malt).Thoroughly mix and leave for the fermentation process.
  4. After several days, the drink will start to foam, bubbles will appear on the surface.
  5. Strain the kvass, carefully separating the thick from the liquid, bottled and set to cool. I leave the base for reuse.

How to brew kvass with malt and raisins

According to this recipe, you can make an amazingly tasteful drink that perfectly quenches your thirst.

  • Water - 2.5 l,
  • Wheat crackers - 75 g,
  • Fermented rye malt - 40 g,
  • Sugar - 40 g,
  • Raisin - 20 g.
  1. Ready croutons, dried naturally or roasted in the oven, lay in a jar.
  2. I put a spoonful of sugar and pour malt straight from the package (I do not steam it). In the recipe, the cereal seed product performs the function of a natural dye and a supplement to the main flavor bouquet. Thanks to him, the drink turns to a pleasant light brown color with a golden hue; it will get a slight sourness.
  3. Pour clean water into the jar.
  4. I close the jar with clean gauze. I leave it in a warm place, prudently putting a tray under it so that the drink does not “run away” on the floor. I wait 2-4 days. The fermentation time depends on the temperature in the room.
  5. I pour kvass into the bottle, and leave the soaked rusk mixture for the next cooking. To taste add a little sugar and raisins, gently shake until the sugar is completely dissolved. I put in the fridge for a few hours.

Helpful advice.The taste of the drink directly depends on the quality of the water. It is better to use artesian, soft filtered, ideally - the key.

Recipe kvass "Moscow shchi"

  • Water - 8.5 liters,
  • Rye Malt - 250 g,
  • Yeast - 15 g,
  • Flour - 3/4 cup,
  • Honey - 250 g,
  • Mint - 3 g,
  • Sugar - 5 g.
  1. Rye malt steamed in boiling water (2-3 cups), leave for 3 hours alone.
  2. I prepare a starter, mix flour, yeast and sugar, pour warm water (half a cup). I expose in a warm place. I wait 2-3 hours.
  3. After the steamed malt comes, I dilute it with hot water (8 l), let it brew.
  4. I take off the top of the resulting wort. Add to the remaining honey and sourdough. I give kvass time to ferment.
  5. After a few hours, I filter it, pour it into bottles, close it tightly and leave it alone for 1 night. After adding mint, put in the fridge. After 3 days, I enjoy a healthy and tasty drink.

The benefits and harm of kvass from malt

Properly prepared home-made kvass from malt has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract), improves immunity and gives vitality, refreshes, quenches thirst and gives new strength after heavy exercise, gives the body healthy microelements and vitamins (C, E, B1 and B2).

Harm and contraindications

People with hypertension, inflammation of the gastric mucosa (various forms of gastritis), liver cirrhosis, constantly drinking kvass is not recommended. The main reason is the content of acids in the composition of the drink.

Shopping kvass will never replace the home analogue, brewed with love and diligence. In industrial production, poor quality raw materials are often used, which have a negative impact on the final taste and beneficial properties.

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Prepare kvass at home by choosing your favorite recipe.

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