How to decorate an apartment for the New 2019?

Waiting for a holiday is always a very pleasant time. And when the first festive lights appear on the streets and in shop windows, hands itch to decorate their apartment. In addition, it is a great way to show your creative skills and implement the most daring design ideas. A few simple and suitable options will tell you and we.

Choose a color

Future 2019 - Yellow Pig. Therefore, it will be great if there is a place in your house at least for small accessories in the color scheme loved by these animals. By the way, there is something to choose from - from neon to almost brown. And do not forget about gold.

Traditional colors, always relevant for decoration - red, green, white. This combination is suitable for almost any interior.

Do not overdo it, the maximum number of shades that will look harmonious - three.

Helpful Tips

Experienced designers recommend adding additional comfort to the interior with the help of things suitable for the holiday theme:

  • oak twigs with acorns (they can be painted);
  • candles of different sizes of pastel shades;
  • monochrome stickers in the form of pigs on the mirrors;
  • The entrance to the rooms can be decorated with golden tinsel.

Not too much will be a pig-piggy bank, which may well become the main decoration of the table.

Holiday is everywhere

Christmas tree - not the only New Year's decor. In addition, most accessories can safely be left for the whole winter.

Living room. Here, as a rule, there is a green beauty. If there is not enough space, you can replace a living or artificial tree with a modern wall panel made of tinsel or thin planochas (fir branches) arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree.

The most "advanced" idea is the virtual tree. It can be built above the table, attached to the chandelier. First, the ball is hung in the center, on the shortest string, and the next ones are mounted in the form of an expanding spiral. Substantial savings of space without losing the festive mood. By the way, this is suitable for the office, and nothing will be distracting from work.

Remembering the "mistress of the year" Pig, you can buy decorative pillows with the image of this cute animal.

Build on your interior style.If the room has heavy heavy curtains, then the decor can be light and airy. For example, organza bows will look harmoniously on the Christmas tree. For the walls fit small garlands of golden or silver paper stars.

Another version of the New Year's decor - a vase with pine branches, decorated with cones, bows and artificial snow.

Children's. Children are especially waiting for the holiday, so feel free to connect them to create a New Year's atmosphere. For safety, it is better to discard glass toys and replace them with plastic ones.

Original will look various volume applications, blanks for which you can buy. Such a composition will look harmonious on the window or on the wall. Do not forget about boots for small gifts, the child will be delighted when he begins to find a surprise in each of them.

Corridor. Waiting for guests? Do not forget to decorate the front door with a beautiful wreath of balls or cones. No one will remain indifferent to Santa Claus, whose figure can be put in the corridor. He will be the first to congratulate your loved ones on a pleasant holiday.

Dry beforehand circles of orange and lemon.You can make excellent natural garlands from them by threading them on decorative twine and sticking cinnamon sticks. Incredible fragrance will fill your entire home.

And from our window

Separately, it is worth noting the decoration of windows. To do this, fit electric lights or made independently of cones, acorns and gingerbread. On the windowsill you can build a whole New Year's composition of snow, which will serve as cotton wool, a small Christmas tree, a snowman, Santa Claus and a pen with a pig.

Glass can be decorated using stencils and cans with artificial snow. Just a few minutes, and your window will turn into a real fairy tale. If you do not have on hand a special can, you can use the old proven method - toothpaste.

Festive table

Do not forget about it, either. Delicious dishes will surely bring gastronomic pleasure, but the beautiful decor will delight aesthetes. First of all, take care of the tablecloth, which would fit the overall style. A single-colored tablecloth will look stylish on the whole table, and a contrasting narrow table, which is placed in the middle.

Replace regular paper napkins with fabric napkins and put a small spruce branch on top.In the center of the table can easily fit a piggy bank on a shiny pedestal or a composition with candles that will add comfort. Candles, by the way, can be inserted into apples, which have a core cut out.

Guests will be pleased if on the plate they find small bonbonniere boxes, inside of which there can be sweets or small souvenirs.

Home decoration is a creative and fascinating process, the result of which will please the whole family. May the New Year bring only joy and good mood.

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