How to develop logical thinking?

It is necessary to develop logical thinking from early childhood. The sooner the child begins to analyze and draw conclusions, the sooner he learns to think logically, to substantiate his judgments, the easier it will be for him then in life. We will tell you how to develop logical thinking and attention in a child in an interesting and unusually effective game form. Why in the game? Because any activity for a child (and indeed for a person in general) should be pleasant - only in this case he will have maximum benefit.

Develop attention and logical thinking

Your child’s development depends on 90% of you, so encourage your child to draw conclusions, evaluate certain events, let him express his opinions on certain events, and you will be required to correct him with real information about the world. For example, he sees that your dog or cat went to the bowl and eats and asks you: “Why does she do it?” You can immediately answer this question, or you can ask: “What are you eating for?” Or “And how you think?"

At the same time, be patient, don't push the child, he must find the answer himself, and the thinking speed is different for everyone. By the way, it is completely independent of the quality of thinking, which is why the results of IQ tests are mostly incorrect: they measure the speed of intelligence and do not pay enough attention to its quality. A child who thinks for a long time does not necessarily think badly, but with regular exercises and patience he will definitely learn to think faster.

Here are some more examples. The child asks you on the street: “Why are the trees white?” Or “Why are the birds not frozen?” Ask your child to first answer this question yourself. As soon as the child learns to analyze what he has seen or heard himself (albeit initially incorrectly), he will take the most important step towards the formation of full-fledged logical thinking.

About attention more

As for the development of attention, only parental attention can help us, which cannot be replaced by any educators or teachers. Spend more time with your child, play games with him (in stores today a huge number of board games are sold for the development of attention).And most importantly - remember that your child is always attentive, just his attention is not always directed to where you would like.

In order to correct this, just use the usual keywords: “look”, “listen”, “over there - see?”, Etc. In no case do not shout at the child for carelessness and do not slap him: so you only aggravate the situation. Well, now turn to the games that will be able to develop in your child both logical thinking and attentiveness.

Games that develop logical thinking

First of all, it is, of course, chess. There is nothing difficult in teaching a child how to play chess pieces. Most often, difficulties begin when the kid tries to understand their interaction on the board. Some children grasp these wisdom on the fly, and someone may need many hours of play. But at the chessboard, as nowhere else, develops not only the ability to think logically, but also such qualities as attentiveness and patience. Here parents should pay attention to the fact that they should not forgive the “blunders” of figures to the child - otherwise he will not think enough (they will still be allowed to switch).

My school of chess was tough enough: neither father nor mother allowed me to walk differently - let go of my hand from the figure: that's all, the move was made. But on the other hand, I learned to sort through the options, to think through the consequences of a move - at least one or two moves ahead. Put your fidget at the chessboard as early as possible - it will soon bear its fruits. Also very useful games are games such as checkers and, for example, an erudite.

In the last game you need to make words, so it will be indispensable when learning the Russian language in the form of a game. Play with the child also in words. For example, make a big word and compete, who will make of his letters more small words. So you can gradually transfer your vocabulary to your child.

How to develop logical thinking - more games

Do not forget about the games with numbers, because the study of mathematics is also very conducive to the formation of logical thinking. I will give you one game, which I indulge myself in, if I'm going somewhere in public transport. Having received a ticket from the conductor, look at the numbers and try to add up a hundred of them.Any mathematical operations are allowed here (4 arithmetic, exponentiation, placement of parentheses, etc.), you cannot just swap numbers.

Suppose we have a ticket with the number 375027 (just typed the numbers on the keyboard randomly). The first two digits can be added: 3 + 7 = 10. And with the rest you can do this: 5 + 0-2 + ​​7 = 10. Now we multiply dozens between each other and get 10x10 = 100. Fully all actions can be written as: (3 + 7) x (5 + 0-2 + ​​7) = 100. There are other ways to get a hundred from these numbers — find them yourself with the child. You can also use two-digit and three-digit numbers. In variant 112606 one can get one hundred in the following way: 112 - (6 + 0 + 6) = 100.

Of course, a hundred may not come from any combination of numbers, but how many options will you take with a child and how he will learn to count! This method I found in one of the old books with puzzles and puzzles. I also recommend that you buy one of these books or search for such puzzles and puzzles on the Internet, since there are a lot of them now.

Billiard games (Russian billiards, English snooker, American pool) also provide great opportunities for the development of logical thinking.So feel free to bring the child to the pool table, if there is such an opportunity: in addition to the development of logical thinking, he will be able to develop the correct coordination of movements.

Well, I think, now, the question of how to develop the logical thinking of your child will not be a problem for you. And finally, I will share with you, where you will find a lot of interesting educational computer games for schoolchildren and older - while writing the article, it itself hung for a while.

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