How to dress simply, but look at the same time gorgeous

Katarina Kudryashova

Katarina Kudryashova,
stylist, blogger

"That's how they do it: simple blue jeans, white T-shirt, losers, trench, classic sunglasses, and look like a million?" - as a stylist, I often hear such a question. Surely each of us faced with such girls. And the matter is not at all in their appearance or the value of things, but in the skillful combination of them, plus natural charm and grace. Oscar-winning director Sofia Coppola is one of those style icons. She dresses simply enough, but with such a gloss that it is impossible to resist. It is necessary to disassemble her images into “quotes”, and you understand that, individually, these things are not so interesting. So what is the secret?
Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola

Audit yourself

While we are chasing trends, we do not have time to take a break and understand what is really going on. When you know exactly your best colors and shades, as well as the silhouettes of dresses and jackets, models of trousers and outerwear, your image will change. If you re-open yourself.

At first glance, this rule is very simple, but it is not so easy to follow it - you want to buy something that everyone is wearing in a trend, and not something that goes to you, but not so important. Do not go to the desire to imitate someone's tone and after some time you will realize that you are on the right path.

Unusual accessories and natural fabrics - the basis of the wardrobe

Very often, our practicality destroys us. We buy bags and shoes of classic colors and models, and then we complain that we look boring. Do not be afraid of unusual bags. Let them be inexpensive brands, but interesting shapes (round and similar to honeycombs are the main hits of the summer) and fashionable colors. Let the shoes also be bright, but best of all monotonous and without decor - she has more chances to fit into any image. Unusual decorations will also be useful. This, for example, is about bracelets of rigid forms, large earrings, pendants - in a word, about everything that will help to place the correct accents. The rule is simple: in your image there must be something that can catch your eye. Remember how Megan Markle was dressed for Christmas last year, and you will understand what we are talking about.

How to dress simply, but look at the same time gorgeous

Another important item - things from good fabrics. They always look expensive, regardless of their brand.If the demi-season coat, then cashmere (investment for ten years, but rather, until you get bored), if the blouse, then from natural silk, if the summer jacket, then from flax. These are basic things that will be useful in any wardrobe, regardless of the chosen style of clothing.

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How to dress simply, but look at the same time gorgeous

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Mix & match - the principle of wardrobe formation

Do not be afraid to wear the things of the times of youth of your mothers - it does not matter at all whether they passed you by inheritance or were found in a vintage store or second-hand. Among the favorites are denim, T-shirts with logos, casual dresses. In combination with the hits of the season, they look really cool.

Street style 2018

Street style 2018

Preppy style also looks great in everyday life. It is not necessary to be a student to afford to wear pleated skirts or club-like blazers. They will make an excellent pair of basic things.

Safari style as a trendy summer landmark.

Khaki, mustard, the color of unbleached flax - have you ever thought that these boring, at first glance, shades look very cool, is it worth it to get into one fashion mix? This summer (and spring), the safari style and natural colors are popular (on the wave of universal living), each has a chance to create their own unique image.And accessories - a raffia bag, a crocodile belt, suede sandals, aviator sunglasses and, of course, jewelry - will help. And it is not at all necessary to spend several salaries on one such wardrobe capsule - you will find the necessary “ingredients” in the mass market.

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