How to dress with full hips

Choosing a style, stop the choice on original cut of an upper part of clothes. Attract attention by emphasizing the beauty of your face and the roundness of the bust. Such an accent can be created with a deep V-neck in a dress or blouse. For the hot season, a sundress with wide straps is simply necessary - it will make the figure more proportionate. Visually balance the lower and upper parts of the body, updating the wardrobe with free jackets and blazers. Their length should end at the waist or slightly lower. Try on the skirt cut "trapeze" and "sun" - such models conceal the hips and emphasize the waist. Even if you are the owner of beautiful legs, skirts should be of medium length or maxi.
If there are no pants in your wardrobe, be sure to purchase them. Do not discard these clothes. If you pick up pants or jeans with a low waist and straight from the hip, you smooth out the steep relief of the figure and lengthen the legs. Wear shoes with heels. Win-win is a high heel.But if you are uncomfortable, wear average-heeled shoes in everyday life.
Extend shoulder area in outerwear. Get a winter coat with a fluffy black fox or fox collar. It looks rich, and your figure in such clothes will be spectacular. Stop opt for a double breasted light overcoat. If you sew a coat, focus on the buttons and the collar style.
Use the color of clothes to visually relieve a large part of the body. Try to light the top and dark bottom of the clothes to balance their proportions. The combination of dark tones of a monophonic skirt or trousers with a light jacket will draw attention to your face, and not to full hips. Choose bright blouses, bright blouses and sweaters. If a wide horizontal strip with an ornament runs across the chest in a jumper, it will distract the eye from the bottom of the figure. Use jewelry: chains, beads, original brooches on the collar lapel.

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