How to drink whiskey - sommelier tips, proportions, cocktail recipes

Whiskey - an alcoholic beverage, for the preparation of which natural cereals, water and yeast are used. Recently gaining popularity in our country. Therefore, I will tell you how to drink whiskey correctly.

Strong drink has received world fame thanks to the titanic work of many people over several centuries. They have put love and soul into the creation.

The rules for using the drink are as simple and interesting as the story. I will share tips and recommendations of sommeliers, with which you will get a real pleasure from drinking.

How to drink whiskey and what to eat

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Many people are just starting to get acquainted with this alcoholic drink. True connoisseurs of the "water of life" believe that one should drink without a snack. According to them, the drink has a luxurious taste and strong aroma, and traditional snacks, which are used to seize vodka or cognac, offend the perfect combination.

Native Scots consider whiskey biting as sacrilege and consumed in its pure form. However, at hand they hold a bottle of mineral water, which is used for dilution if necessary.

A good whiskey can give a special mood, and an undesirable snack will bring it down. At the same time, the drink is very strong, and beginners can not do without snacks. That is why it is recommended to select unusual dishes that shade the taste.

According to history, the Irish were the first to seize the whiskey. They use fried meat and seafood, including red fish and fresh oysters. I note, the Irish believe that alcohol should not be diluted, and seize. They were the first to venture to add tea, lemonade or coffee to the drink.

According to the sommelier, during the selection of snacks are guided by the type of drink. To find a universal dish that goes well with all sorts of whiskey, is unrealistic. Therefore, when choosing a meal is recommended to follow four rules.

  • With a drink that is characterized by a spicy taste, fruity or smoky aroma, meat, game and beef tongue perfectly blend.
  • The taste of whiskey soft brand complemented smoked fish.Perfect smoked salmon.
  • Herbal brands are recommended snacking seafood.
  • Smoke-peat aromatic drink is seized with roast lamb, beef or melon slices.

Some people use lemons or oranges for snacks, but do not do it, because the taste of citrus cuts through the whiskey scent.

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Americans do not follow the rules at all, trying to distinguish themselves. They bite whiskey with desserts, various fruits, and even bitter chocolate. Often they dilute the drink with Coke. How to do it, learn below.

Now let's talk about the proper use of whiskey.

  1. The drink is recommended to use in the evening.
  2. Before drinking, the "water of life" cool a little, but not much.
  3. Shake the contents slightly before opening the bottle.
  4. Drinking whiskey taken from wide glasses on a low leg. Fill the dishes by a third.
  5. After taking a small sip, hold the drink in your mouth to fully appreciate the taste and aroma.

The rules invented by true connoisseurs. If you are a freshly baked whiskey fan, you don’t have to follow them. You can drink the drink from any tableware, seizing any dishes.In the end, you want to relax, but how to do it, only you know.

How to drink whiskey with cola

Real whiskey

Everyone knows that whiskey is combined with Coke, but very few people know that while making a plain cocktail you need to follow several rules.

  • If you want the taste of the cocktail to be unsurpassed, take a chilled and fresh Coke. Even the newly opened Cola will cause unpleasant taste.
  • People who like to experiment should pay attention to the different tastes of Coke. Fortunately, the shops offer soda with a taste of vanilla and cherry. For individuals who are watching the figure and do not want to gain weight, fit diet Coke.
  • Ready cocktail will bring real pleasure, if you correctly calculate the proportions. Ideally, one part of the alcohol, take two parts of Coke. You can retreat from the rule and during the preparation of a cocktail be guided by your tastes in order to come up with new proportions.
  • For drinking whiskey with Coke is recommended to use glasses of medium size. To begin with, pour a little ice into the glass, and then pour the ingredients in the indicated proportions.
  • To decorate the finished cocktail use a slice of lemon and a leaf of mint. If you take a lime, be extremely careful, because it is a little bitter.
  • To make the taste of the cocktail more sweet and rich, take ice cubes made from Coke. Not a bad idea - the preparation of ice from mineral water.
  • If the combination of liquid products is fed up, add some cinnamon to the cocktail and decorate the glass with a pair of cherries.

Whiskey is a specific alcohol, the list of significant factors of which is represented by taste and aftertaste. Mixing the "water of life" with Coke leads to the loss of a business card - a smoky taste.

Tastes of these liquid products are contrasted with each other, but must complement. Do not forget about the "magical properties" of Cola to dissolve scale and remove rust. If you are concerned about health, I do not advise abusing a cocktail.

Whiskey Soda

The Americans were the first to drink whiskey and soda. In America, the drink is made from corn, because of what he has an unpleasant aftertaste. For this reason it is diluted.

Following the recipe, quickly prepare a cocktail that is characterized by a light and pleasant taste. He will love it.

To make a cocktail, you need whiskey, soda, and a few pieces of ice. Ice can not be used. Argued that it freezes the taste. As for the dishes, I recommend using a low wide glass with a thickened bottom or a thin-walled glass, tulip-shaped.

  1. Put a few pieces of ice on the bottom of the glass and pour fifty milliliters of whiskey.
  2. Add thirty milliliters of soda water. It is sold in any store.
  3. If there is no soda, it is easy to cook it yourself at home. On a glass of mineral water, take a tablespoon of soda and a little citric acid.
  4. To decorate the cocktail, use mint leaves and fruits.
  5. Drink a cocktail slowly, taking small sips.

Agree, it will not take much time and effort to make a wonderful cocktail. The main thing is to have all the ingredients on hand.

If you drink a cocktail with a girl, create a romantic atmosphere. Slide the curtains, turn on the music and light the candles. In this case, the cocktail will give an unforgettable experience.

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Whiskey history

I propose to give a little attention to the story, because not everyone knows how the drink came into being.

Disputes about which country the drink was made for the first time will never end.Some consider Scotland the birthplace of whiskey, others claim that it was first thought up in Ireland. It is not so important. The main thing that whiskey became the spokesman of the Anglo-Saxon civilization.

There is no need to blame the Scots for not knowing the exact date of making whiskey. On the contrary, one should express gratitude that they managed to bring the drink to perfection.

According to the Scots, the drink was born at the end of the XV century. According to the treasury scrolls, then one monk was given some barley malt so that he could prepare the "water of life" —this was called this drink.

In the 15th century, Scotland was a poor, small and sparsely populated country, which did not prevent the Scots from bringing the science of whiskey maturation to a new level. Moreover, the technology of distillation was improved here.

Scotland residents were able to inspire the experience and knowledge of Canadian, American and Japanese manufacturers. Of course, whiskey produced in these countries is very different from the original and reflects the national character of the country of origin.

The determining factor of the drink is age. Whiskey 5-year exposure is significantly different from the 15-year-old.A person who decides to learn the world of Scottish alcohol, expects a lot of interesting and exciting things.

Helpful Tips

A small, but hopefully cognitive article on how to drink whiskey at home came to an end. In conclusion, let's talk about the norms of consumption of alcoholic beverages. The daily intake of alcohol should not exceed two grams per kilogram of weight. A person with a body weight of 80 kg is recommended to drink more than 150 ml of whiskey per day.

Do not forget that each organism has its own characteristics. It is a question of the degree of activity of enzymes utilizing alcohol. Therefore, I do not recommend being guided by generally accepted norms.

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