How to turn on the keyboard?

Although devices with touchscreens are rapidly gaining popularity lately, it is still difficult to do without a traditional keyboard when working with a computer. A full-size external keyboard is sometimes needed even by laptop owners. But how to connect it? You will learn about this from our article.

How to connect the keyboard: ways

keyboard connect ps / 2 usb

Modern external keyboards are connected most often via the USB interface, however, models with a round PS / 2 lilac connector are still quite widespread. This should be considered when choosing a keyboard for a laptop computer: there are no PS / 2 ports in laptops.keyboard connection ps / 2 usb

However, adapters from PS / 2 to USB are included with many models, so connecting such a keyboard should not be a problem. However, it should be borne in mind that the old keyboard, originally designed only for the PS / 2 interface, can work with adapters incorrectly, so for a laptop it's better to use a modern USB keyboard.

How to connect the keyboard to a laptop or computer? Very simple: just plug it into a free USB port.Modern operating systems recognize USB peripheral devices automatically, so you don’t even have to install drivers or perform any additional operations to enable the keyboard on the laptop.

Connecting a wireless keyboard

We should also tell you how to connect a wireless keyboard. As a rule, such devices work through a miniature USB receiver. To connect, you need to plug the receiver into a free USB port of a computer or laptop. On wireless keyboards, unlike mice, there is usually no power switch, therefore, to turn on the keyboard, it is enough to install batteries in it.connect wireless keyboard

Wireless keyboards are also most often recognized by modern operating systems automatically. However, in some cases it may be necessary to install drivers. To do this, insert the disc supplied with the keyboard into the optical drive of the computer or laptop and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

Some laptops are equipped with a Bluetooth module, so you can connect wireless Bluetooth keyboards to them. To do this, turn on Bluetooth on your laptop, follow the instructions for your particular model, and then turn on Bluetooth on the keyboard itself.After that, in the Bluetooth application on the laptop, click the add new device button and select your Bluetooth keyboard, and then follow the wizard instructions.

Screen keyboard

windows 8 on-screen keyboard

In some situations it is more convenient to use not a real keyboard, but a virtual one that is displayed on the screen. In addition, the use of an on-screen keyboard helps protect against malicious programs that intercept data entry. Therefore, passwords, for example, are best entered using a virtual keyboard.

How to enable the on-screen keyboard? Very simple. It is built into the Windows operating systems by default. To enable it, for example, in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, it is enough to enter the on-screen keyword on the initial screen and select the On-Screen Keyboard item in the search results that appear. In Windows XP and Windows 7, you can enable the virtual keyboard through the Start> All Programs> Accessories> Accessibility> On-Screen Keyboard menu.

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