How to find out if a guy loves?

"Loves ... does not love ..." - how many girlish sighs did the daisy hear. How many sleepless nights spent in tears and anguish in search of an answer to the question whether the guy loves me ... The desire to love and be loved is the dream of every girl. Why not always have confidence in mutual feelings? Why doubts do not give peace, clouding the relationship?

Often this is due to the lack of understanding of women in male psychology. What can we say about inexperienced young ladies. But if at least a little to open the veil in the knowledge of the psychology of men, then the question would arise if your boyfriend loves you or not? Is he playing or just showing some sympathy, which you mistakenly perceive for love ... It is important to understand that a man and a woman look at relationships in a completely different way. That is how their brain works. They have different attitude and logic.

For example, for most women, the man with whom they would like to have sex, first of all, is liked as a person whom they regard as a potential mate.Men are all different, they are more polygamous: they can love one woman, have sex with others, not taking it as treason. Although there are no templates in this question. All men are different. But there are some sure ways to check whether a guy loves or not.

  • To begin, you must honestly answer yourself the question: are you interested in him? Is he interested in events from your life? Is he interested in your opinion? Is he interested in what you do or dream about? Or he usually talks only about himself. If so, this is a bad sign. Either you are not interested in him or he suffers from a complex of narcissism. In any case, there is no chance, because in the heart of a narcissist a person there is usually no room for anyone else.
  • Does he want to spend as much time with you? This is one of the most effective ways to understand whether a guy loves. After all, a man in love with his ears will persistently look for an opportunity to be near his beloved, to communicate with her, to share impressions and experiences. Love inspires him to the most bizarre and risky actions, she encourages him to devote poems to her beloved.If you notice that he is constantly looking for some ridiculous excuses, sluggishly answers calls, is closed, rude or too polite - it is better to leave him alone. This is hardly love. No matter how much you love him, do not impose your feelings. There is nothing worse if a person maintains a relationship with you because of pity.
  • Does he treat you with respect or constantly insists on sex? It is important to understand what exactly draws him to you - the usual passion or still it is love. How to find out if a guy loves or is it just sex drive? Answer this question easily: if he values ​​you as a person first of all, he likes to spend time with you and without sex is not just a craving. If all his efforts are aimed at quickly getting you into bed and he is no longer interested in anything, then it is worth thinking about. There is nothing wrong with wanting sex, but if it is the only possible one, then there is no love. Only physiology. Manifestations of love are always touching and invincible - gentle touches, kisses, reverent attitude, when literally he is ready to blow specks of dust from you.
  • Is he ready to sacrifice something for you? This is a very important argument.Love is always sacrificial. Love is the highest feeling. Man is ready to sacrifice even his life for the sake of those he truly loves. But one should not expect any unjustified victims from a young man. Here it is important only to determine for oneself, whether he has the willingness to give himself, his time, his resources, all that he values. Not everyone can promise a star from the sky, but not everyone can refuse to watch their favorite match for a walk.
  • Is he embarrassed in the presence of his friends? Oddly enough, this is also an important sign. If alone with you, he is sweet and kind, says the words love. and in the company he behaves alienatedly, with mockery or even with mockery - in this case it is worthwhile to doubt the sincerity of his feelings. In such a matter, it is not the words that are important, but the actions and attitude. Do not be afraid to ask yourself the question whether this is a man who is worthy of your love, even if she is deeply in love. Being in love is a kind of charm, it is often deceptive. Love is a mature strong feeling when you love a person for who he is, and not for what you imagine him to be.

Love and be loved!

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