How to find out the speed of your own Internet

Quite often such a situation happens that the Internet does not correspond to the speed stated by the provider. For example, if this speed is 40 Mbit / s, but at the same time on the Internet it is impossible to watch videos or download files. In this case, users should find out what, in fact, is the problem, and understand what the speed of the Internet at the moment.
Of course, to find out what the reason is, the user will need special software. Fortunately, you do not have to download something directly from the Internet and install. Fortunately - today there are quite a lot of special online services that allow you to specify the speed.

Speedtest by ookla

One of the most popular online services is speedtest by Ookla. The popularity of this service is due to the fact that the site checks with more than 2500 worldwide.This means that literally every user can check the speed of the Internet. At the same time, the verification procedure itself takes only a few minutes, after which the user will see detailed, and most importantly, clear test results.
To check it is enough to go to the official site and click on a special button (“Start checking”). As a result, a certain result will appear. If the speed stated by the provider coincides with the speed indicated, then the problem lies directly in the device used to connect to the network. If the speed is different, then you need to contact the provider directly to clarify the reason. In addition, you can use speedteast by Ookla on devices using a special application.

2ip service

Of course, besides speedteast by Ookla, there are many more similar services. The next most popular is 2ip. After the user logs on to this site, they can immediately find out their own: ip-address, version of the browser used, version of the operating system, location, provider, etc. Naturally, besides this you can see and find out the connection speed.To do this, you need to click on the link "Internet connection speed" or "Average Internet speed".
After clicking and updating the page, the user will be able to see his own Internet speed and average speed, respectively. It is worth noting that the resource allows you to find out a lot of information about the connection and the user's network used, for example: DNS parameters of the domain, information about the used ip, can check the site for viruses, sites that have the same ip that the user has, etc.

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