How to find out the modem number?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
March 21, 2013
How to find out the modem number?

Very often, in order to take any action on the modem, it is often required to know the modem number, and more specifically, to know its IMEI number. And this very often causes difficulties for novice users. Although in actual fact everything is very, very simple.

You can learn the IMEI number of the modem in different ways, but let's start with the most obvious ways:

  • In the documentation. If you bought the modem legally, then IMEI will be indicated in such documents as purchase and sale documents (product passport, warranty / contract with the operator, etc.).
  • IMEI number should be applied on the sticker to the modem packaging.
  • On the case of your usb modem (on each model it may be in different places). For example, with ZTE modems, all information about the modem is applied to the “lower” side of the case (such modems are used by all Russian operators, such as MTS and Beeline). For modems Huawei IMEI number is under the lid. Such modems are often used by such a giant operator as “Megaphone”
  • We learn modem IMEI programmatically.There are several options, now we will analyze the most basic of them:
    • Option 1: Very simple! You need to open the native modem program and find out everything from there. For example, in Megafon’s Huawei 1550 modems, simply launch a program such as Megaphone Internet, and then open the Tools menu, select Diagnostics, and go to the Device tab. That's it, now you can get data without running a standard program from the modem. It will only be necessary to open the Windows Device Manager, and you can easily read all the information.
    • Option 2: You can go to the tab in the control panel, go to the "System", then to the "Device Manager", open "Modems", then "Diagnostics" and select "Interrogate the modem". After the computer polls the modem, in the heap of parameters that it will issue, there is our cherished and desired IMEI.

Additional ways

  • Identify IMEI using any mobile phone, smartphone, etc. To do this, insert your SIM card into your mobile device and, if necessary, enter a pin code, then type * # 06 # on the keyboard, and you will only have to read IMEI, which will be displayed on the screen of a mobile phone.
  • Start the Windows Auto Tuning WWAN service. Click on the image with a computer in the bottom right corner, near the clock, which is called “Current Connections” (can also be called “Network and Sharing Center”) in the “Connect via Mobile Broadband Adapter” group and there select the “Network” tab. no name".

Of course, the options of how to find out the modem number is much more.

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