How to find your dream job?

Who does not work shall not eat. But no one wants to go to the unloved and hated work every day, with which you want to run. Professional activity should give satisfaction and ensure development. And where and how can you find a job that will arrange in everything?

What work?

There are a great many professions today, the market is developing rapidly, so that more and more interesting and promising vacancies are opening up. If you have a college degree, this is an indisputable plus and increase in the chances of finding a good place.

Be successful

But it happens that there is education, but the person realized that he was not going to work by profession. Nothing wrong with that. There are different courses, after graduating and having received the appropriate "crust", you can conquer new peaks.

We offer some options:

  • Manager. This is a multifaceted and very interesting profession related to the organization and control of processes. If you feel strong, you should definitely try to work as a manager.
  • Is creative your calling? Fresh ideas and swarm in your head? You can try to become an "advertiser" or a creative manager.
  • Do you know how to communicate with people and justify and correctly formulate your thoughts? Try becoming a sales rep. Its main tasks are the presentation of the goods and the belief that the supplier will certainly have to deal with its supply.
  • Well written essays at school? Try yourself as a copywriter. Today, copywriting is in demand in connection with the development of a worldwide network in which most people today are looking for answers to a wide variety of questions. Know more than others? Write about it! But even if there is no such knowledge, it is easy to get it with the help of the same Internet. By the way, such a thing can be done even by a woman on maternity leave.

Determine your future job requirements.

Search and find

To find a job you like, you need to understand what you expect from it. Here are the main important points that you definitely need to pay attention to:

  1. Wage. Yes, this aspect is extremely important, because it is very, very difficult to live on a small salary in this life. So pre-determine the minimum allowable salary.Many companies offer a minimum fee, but promise to increase it over time. It is important to distinguish truth from lies and determine the time frame. It will be great if you manage to communicate with someone from the staff. For example, if an increase in salary is planned in the near future (of course, after assessing your capabilities and success), then you should try, because no one will immediately offer you a high-paying position.
  2. Career. Any normal person wants to develop and grow. So learn about the possibility of further progress on the career ladder. If you are an ambitious and purposeful girl, then growth is provided for you (if it is possible).
  3. Place of work. Where do you want to work? In a cozy office, in the fresh air or, in general, at home on the Internet? Think about it beforehand, because your comfort will directly depend on the place, and it, in turn, affects the performance.
  4. Team For example, if you feel insecure with a crowd of people, then try to find a job that does not involve finding a large number of employees in the same area. But in any case, the team should be friendly, although it is unlikely to be determined at once.
  5. The need to communicate with people.If such a quality as communicativeness applies to you, and contacts with people are interesting for you, then you may well master the profession of communication and negotiations.
  6. Distance from home. Who wants to get up every morning at 5-6 in the morning, then to spend 2 hours in public transport on the way to the place of work. Look for something closer, otherwise the road will take away all the forces that would be useful at work.
  7. Working hours. Biological clocks are complex and unpredictable. Some people easily get up the sutra and are active in the morning, others can only work in the evening. Consider and this.
  8. Noise level. At some noise acts so that about any activity and there can be no question. Pay attention to this.
  9. Job responsibilities Determine what you want. Are you ready to make decisions, to take the initiative? Or is it easier for you to carry out someone else's orders?
  10. The essence of the activity. The work should like you, first. Secondly, soberly assess your strengths and capabilities.

Where and how to search?

How can you find a good job with experience or even without experience? Where to look for her? We offer several options:

  • An acquaintance.This option is very promising. The person whom you know well know the specifics of the company and the position, the vacancy for which is open, because he works there. In addition, if a friend has authority in the firm, he may recommend you. And it will be easier for you to adapt with the support of a friend. So first of all, ask your friends.
  • Newspapers. Buy a newspaper, find the section "Jobs" and start the search. Select everything you need and start dialing.
  • The Internet. This is the easiest and perhaps most effective way to search for jobs. Today there are many sites through which you can find a job. Just enter the phrase "job search" or "job" in the search box and evaluate the results.

After “studying” all the vacancies, select the ones that suit you. Immediately it is worth noting that lies everywhere and always enough. So if you saw a phrase like “work without experience with a salary of 100 thousand rubles”, then think about it. This is hardly true.

And if some strange contact number is indicated, but this is an even greater reason for suspicion. You should not believe those potential employers who ask future employees to pay for materials or for some kind of educational books. No investment from you can not claim, this is absurd.

Preparing for an interview

There will be tests

Interviewing is an important stage in your job search. Your future depends on it, as well as the attitude of the authorities towards you. If you manage to immediately interest the employer, he will appreciate you and give you a chance.

What is the best way to prepare for the interview? Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Be yourself, never try to seem like you are not. It immediately catches the eye and alienate.
  2. Be more confident! Answer all questions clearly and with confidence. Speak louder, do not mumble, mumble is not needed by anyone.
  3. Relax. First of all, your tension will be noticeable and will make the potential employer think that you cannot handle emotions. Secondly, a stressful state will disturb you.
  4. Choose the right clothes. Forget about jeans and tops. Get a suit, a white blouse. Wear glasses? Wear them, they will give the image of formality. Although if you feel more comfortable in the lenses, forget about glasses.
  5. Tell about your merits, but do not embellish them.
  6. Do not lie! Secret always becomes clear.

Some useful tips

Everything is possible

Useful tips:

  • Work is not a husband, it is not chosen for life.Take it easier and think about the fact that, if necessary, you can change the place of activity.
  • Work should be fun and satisfying. You should not go into the office with negative emotions, nothing good will come of it.
  • Set goals and achieve them, do not be afraid!

Let the work bring income, make you happy and provide satisfaction!

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