How to finish the reception

How to finish the receptionHow beautiful to finish the reception

The most difficult thing for the host is to politely bring the guests home. Reception should end approximately an hour after the end of the dessert. It is believed that guests should know themselves when to leave, but if they are too late, do not try to make them hint that it’s time to leave. Stand up and say: “It was just a wonderful evening” and start “thanking the guests for coming.


The owner’s good manners are manifested in the fact that he does not show the guests that it’s time to leave, and the good manners of the guests are in that they themselves feel that it’s time to leave.


When guests start to leave, you should be at the door, accept compliments, thank them for coming, and say warm words. Do not you dare apologize for overcooked fries or a lack of drinks. Just repeat how glad you are that the guests have found the time to come.


Many bosses are happy to accept invitations to various events, even beer with pizza, but some rules must be remembered.


You can invite the boss home only if you have already visited his home.


Invite people with the same interests as the boss.


Be prudent! If you do not know how to cook an apple souffle, do not invite the boss to his first experiment with this dish.


If the children of the boss are not invited, then at the time of reception introduce your children and send them to go about your business. If necessary, invite a nanny.


Do not contact your boss on "you" until he himself offers.

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