How to get a loan without documents

Find banks that providecredits with a minimumof documents. To do this, follow the advertisement, as well as look for information on various Internet sites dedicated to banks. For example, the resource will be suitable for this.
Examine the offers of selected banks. Easiest without extraof documentsget commoditycredit- in most banks, branches of which work in home appliances stores, it will be enough to show your passport with permanent registration. Information about your place of work and income will be filled with your words. In this case, it is desirable to know the contact phone number of your organization and the person who can confirm your employment.
If you need cash, contact banks that provide such financing without additionalof documents. These include, for example, Russian Standard and a number of other banks. Some banks, for example, Sovcombank,Only two documents are required of potential borrowers, namely a passport and an additional one - a pension insurance certificate, driver’s license or passport. With all the attractiveness of such proposals, keep in mind that the percentage of suchcreditAm, usually higher than in those issued with a certificate of income. This can be explained by the fact that the bank assumes great risks in issuing such financing.
Get a bank card if you want to periodically take increditsmall amounts. OftencreditThese cards are also issued without additionalof documentsabout income. But at the same time, most likely, you will receive a payment instrument with a smallercreditlimit, than they could, providing all documents on employment.
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Use loan offers for one or two documents if you really need the money urgently. In other situations it will be more profitable for you to issue a certificate of income and a copy of the employment record and apply for a loan with a lower percentage.An exception can be considered a commodity credit, the percentage of which is not high anyway.

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