How to get rid of mosquito bites

Since childhood, I can not tolerate mosquitoes. Small. Vile. Noisy. Mother Nature has not created more intrusive and nasty insects in our area. I remember as a child, when my peers were happy about the onset of summer and anticipated merry holidays, I was inwardly shuddered, because at that time I still didn’t know how to get rid of mosquito bites.

With the arrival of heat, I began to persuade my parents to put mosquito nets on the windows as soon as possible and buy protective equipment. I also remember how later, when all precautions were in vain and another parasite started up in the house, I slept with my head covered with a pillow, and during the day I went to the house with a magazine and looked out for small black dots on the wallpaper and tile.

Nobody likes mosquitoes - they are potential carriers of diseases and their bites are wildly annoying. My childhood hate for them reached fanaticism. I matured and the passions in my soul subsided (I don’t want to see the common mosquito in the Red Book), but over the years I have accumulated enough knowledge about how to deal with mosquitoes and the effects of bites at home, and now I will share them with you.

How to relieve itching after a bite quickly

Mosquito bites

We will start with two main factors, due to which few people are neutral or positive about mosquitoes. They are partly nocturnal and interfere with rest, bites cause itching. Noise at night can be fought with earplugs or the physical elimination of a mosquito. Itching is much more difficult.

The cause of the itch is mosquito saliva, which he injects into the body of the victim while feeding. It contains anticoagulants that prevent blood from clotting. Mosquito saliva causes itching, irritation, swelling, severe allergic reaction.

If you are recently bitten by a mosquito and want to quickly get rid of the itch, try to wipe the bite first with a cotton swab with alcohol or an alcohol wipe. You can even wash the bite with water. This will help remove saliva residues and relieve itching.

  1. After you rub the bite with alcohol or water, you can try pressing it with your fingernail several times.
  2. Draw the sun at the site of the bite or a cross - this will help dispel the accumulation of foreign protein compounds at the site of the bite and the body will cope with their elimination more quickly.
  3. You can lightly pat on the bite site to remove the unpleasant feeling.It is also important to be distracted by engaging in a business that you usually leave with your head in (work task, cooking, cleaning, watching the show).

Itching will disappear only after the bite heals. The healing rate is different for everyone - it is an individual response of the body to the parasite's saliva. Before the bite has healed, treat it with a suitable method and try not to touch it for two or three days, so that the itch does not return. In a combed bite, you can easily bring an infection, which then will have to go to a doctor. There is no universal way to remove itching - try several of the methods listed below, and then stop at the appropriate one.

Folk remedies for mosquito bites

Essential oils and plants on the table

Remedies for mosquito bites can be divided into pharmacological and folk. Since mosquitoes are a constant seasonal problem, the market of funds is filled with supply. However, to get rid of the itch with a mosquito bite, it is not necessary to go to the nearest pharmacy and ask for a remedy that is advertised on TV. There are many ways to eliminate the problem at home by popular means.

Consider foods that help relieve itching.For convenience, I will list the known means in the table.

MeansMode of applicationEffect
Lemon / lime You need to cut the citrus into slices. Then the lobule needs to wipe the place of the bite. Citric acid reduces itching.
Honey Put some honey on the bite and hold for 15 minutes. Removes irritation and itching.
Oatmeal Cook some porridge and put on the bite. Wait until it dries and rinses off with water. Reduces itching.
Tea Brew a bag of tea, let cool and attach to the bite. Reduces itching.
Apple vinegar Apply to a tampon and attach to the bite site. You can pre-dilute vinegar in a small amount of water. Reduces itching.
Soda Moisten a pinch of soda with water and apply the resulting paste on the bite. Alkali removes irritation and itching.

In addition to food, a number of indoor plants, essential oils or household chemicals will be suitable as a means of mosquito bites.

PlantsEssential oilsHousehold chemicals
Scarlet Lavender Toothpaste
Plantain Basil Soap
Melissa Tea tree Aspirin
Mint Bergamot
Celandine Eucalyptus
Calendula Carnation

Toothpaste with menthol in the composition will do - it relieves irritation and accelerates the healing of bites. Soap is better to choose neutral, which does not increase irritation.Aspirin can be crushed into powder, add water and smear the paste on the bite until it hardens.

You need to use the funds in approximately the same way. In the case of plants, squeeze the juice onto a cotton swab and apply to the bite until the itching decreases. You can use tinctures (tincture of calendula, for example). The oil is applied to the bite several times a day. If you doubt the effect of essential oil on the skin, you can test it in a healthy area or dilute with water.

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The best way to smear mosquito bites

Calendula tincture and soda help me most effectively, however, the selection of mosquito repellent is an individual matter and you may have to try up to a dozen remedies before you find yours.In some cases, it may be preferable to use pharmaceuticals, especially if there is an increased susceptibility to mosquito bites.

Among the pharmacy reviews, reviews help the rescuer and Anvantan ointment, Boro Plus cream, Fenistil gel and any homeopathic cream. All these tools will not cause additional irritation and will not cause an allergic reaction.

What to do if you are allergic to bites

Some people suffer from acidosis, or are allergic to mosquito bites. Symptoms of acidosis can be:

  • Large (5-10 cm) swelling at the site of the bite or blisters.
  • Hives.
  • Runny nose
  • Nausea.
  • Edema.
  • Dyspnea, dizziness and feeling of weakness.
  • Vomiting.

A feature of the allergy to mosquito bites is that with each subsequent bite the symptoms worsen and new, heavier ones may appear.It is important to remember that if a severe allergic reaction is possible, a lethal outcome is possible, so if you suspect a severe allergic reaction, be sure to consult a doctor.In general cases of allergies, it is recommended to use antihistamines, both externally and internally.

If there is an allergy and a mosquito has bitten, first apply ice or another source of cold to the bite site. Pre-ice wrapped in a towel or other cloth. Then neutralize the effect of mosquito saliva, injections in the place of the bite Prednisolone. Allergic reactions are removed by antihistamines like Fenistil. In the most severe cases, doctors prescribe hormonal drugs like Advantan.

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Why do mosquitoes bite?

In my childhood, this question really did not give me peace, so I filled this knowledge gap in 7 years, if not earlier. Mosquitoes need human blood for normal reproduction. It is known that male mosquitoes feed exclusively on plant sap. Females are also used to maintain plant juices, and they need blood because of the high content of proteins that are used to form and lay eggs.

Some female mosquitoes die when they lay eggs, and some are able to repeat this process again. Mosquitoes lay eggs in ponds with standing and warm water in the form of small rafts. In turn, these eggs are food for many fish, so they are even sold in pet stores as food for aquarium fish.

In conclusion, I will give some tips on preventing contact with mosquitoes. Try to cover your body with clothes as much as possible, but do not wear too much black - this color attracts insects. Buy a bracelet from mosquitoes - it is inexpensive and cool scares them. And avoid fragrant perfumes in perfumes - mosquitoes love them too.

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