How to keep a photo diary pregnant

You will need
  • Special album, photos, photo cornerboards or double-sided tape, colored pencils, felt-tip pens.
For many years, a photo diary of a pregnant woman will remind you of the wonderful waiting time for your baby. Take it up with a certain amount of responsibility. To get started, get a special album. It can be bought at any bookstore or department where goods for pregnant women are sold. The selection of albums is currently very large. Give preference to those in which there are free pages, so that you can arrange them at your discretion.
Begin to keep a diary as early as possible and then regularly make all entries, paste in photos. If you do not do this in a timely manner, then it will be very difficult for you to make the necessary notes. It is better to describe the feelings that you are experiencing at the moment, than to try to remember them later.
In addition to filling out template forms, design the design of some pages yourself. For example, you can arrange one of the turns with your photos. Take pictures every month of pregnancy in order to arrange the photographs in chronological order. This page will illustrate how your belly has grown. In this case, it is better to film in the same type of clothes, in the same interior and in the same pose. This will focus the attention of the person who will view the album, only on a growing tummy.
Photograph all the important points that you would like to capture, and then paste the photos into a diary, accompanied by a detailed description. The photographs can be displayed visits to female consultations, rest with the husband in nature, work in the office. Try to photograph not only you, but also your husband, next of kin, colleagues. Portraits, of course, are also necessary, but, as practice shows, it is much more interesting for women to view a diary in which diverse photographs are placed.
Fill in a photo diary every week, pasting photos into it and describing your feelings at different stages of pregnancy.Do not forget to paste in a diary and a printout from the ultrasound examinations that you have taken. In order to attach the photographs to the pages of the diary, use the special corners or double-sided tape.

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