How to find out your family tree?

Recently, we are increasingly turning to our roots. The Russians of the post-Soviet space have begun to realize that knowing the history of their own kind is not a relic of the past, but an important part of educating cultural people in themselves and their children. It is known that there is no future without the past. But when they take up the compilation of the genealogical tree, many people face a lot of problems: where to go, what to ask, where to look for help. So how to find out your family tree?

Asking relatives

Where to begin? You should start with a survey of their older relatives: parents, uncles, grandparents, and if you're lucky, then great-grandmothers. All information received (names, surnames, years of life, places of birth, when and where they moved, estates, nationalities) should be recorded in detail. Then it is necessary to compare and verify all collected data. For clarity, it is better to draw a family tree on a large sheet of paper.

Also, raise the family archive: old records, newspaper clippings, review grandmother's yellowed photos, ask who is depicted on them, see if there are any signatures on the back of the photos.Old pictures are often able to stir up a strong wave of memories from the older generation, and they can remember a lot of interesting things.

Contact the archive

Most likely, you will not be able to learn the whole story from your relatives at once for several generations, because knowing your family tree is not an easy and quick matter. Much is forgotten, much they themselves do not know. The information received from relatives, you may not be enough. The State Archive can help in this. In the archive you can find the missing branches of your family tree. But they will not let you in so easily unless you provide them with the necessary papers. You can search for information about your great-grandfathers yourself, or you can be offered to use the service of a person who is engaged in compiling pedigrees. But let's say at once that this is not a cheap pleasure.

Exploring the vastness of the Internet

There is a way and easier than the archive. This is the Internet. There are many sites like "how to find out your family tree by name". These sites promise to help you in finding your long-gone relatives and compile your pedigree for a fee. But be careful.Do not use the services of those sites that offer you to tell everything about your family, requiring you to only send SMS from your phone. The reliability of the information obtained in this way is unlikely to someone you confirm.

On the Internet, you can also stumble upon the sites of special societies that offer volunteer help in finding your relatives. There are also sites that can tell you the story of your last name, give information about where it was distributed, how it was formed, etc. This data can help you learn the history of your kind in more detail.

The decision to learn your pedigree is a noble cause, but do not expect that you can do it quickly. In this case, vanity to anything. Be careful and consistent, check the information received with the already available, try to learn as much as possible. And when your pedigree will be compiled, you will feel like a part of a large family, and you will feel proud of your involvement in the history of your family.

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