How to lay a perm

Before perming, wash your hair with a shampoo that protects their structure, apply conditioner or a protective balm on your hair. Immediately before styling, treat your hair with a special fixing foam or a structuring gel - this will make the waves and curls more distinct and noticeable.
Dry the hair with a hair dryer with a diffuser. This nozzle will form curvy curls, which can be formed in several ways.
After applying a foam or gel fixer on the hair, then, after drying it with a diffuser, carefully shake the hair with your hands and add volume to it. This will create an attractive and lush hairstyle from many small curls.
You can get a more elegant and elegant hairstyle by hairdressing your hair using a round brush-brush. Lay the hair in soft thick waves, giving the volume of the strands when pulling them with a brush.
In addition, you can dry your hair naturally, in room temperature air, without using a hair dryer.
From time to time, shake the hair with your hands so that they become more voluminous after drying. After natural drying, spray the hair with a moisturizing spray.

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