How to learn to dance in the club - tips and video tutorials

People who are seriously interested in how to learn to dance in a club, it's hard not to be jealous. The search for an answer to a question is weighty proof of free time, which they spend a lot of fun.

The basis of good dance is musical composition. In any city, a huge number of nightclubs. Pops in them sounds occasionally, in the first place is electronic music. Many people do not know how to move the body when the electronic musical composition sounds. They sit at a table and drink liquor in anticipation of a suitable motive.

There are two ways to solve the problem. The first involves a change in their own attitudes towards music played in clubs. The second offers to find a night institution where the DJ works according to the wishes of the crowd.

Modern club youth, despite loyalty to popular music styles, enthusiastically welcomes retro sets and sensibly altered pop music.

DJs seek to satisfy the wishes of young people, and administrators are worried about the attendance of institutions. Finding a nightclub with the right music is easy. But, another question arises - “how to dance under it”?

Step-by-step action plan

  • Start by getting to know popular club music. Download a few songs and listen to a few days. Will help the player. Accompany listening to dancing. Let it sound when you work or communicate.
  • You will have a few favorite works and determine their own direction. If you want to move while playing music, do it for fun. You can not force yourself.
  • After move to more active actions. Visit a nightclub and carefully inspect the dance floor. Surely, there will be a dancer on her, whose movements will be liked. It will remain unnoticed to adopt them.
  • After this "outing" pay special attention to homework. At home, carefully work out the movements, borrowed from an experienced dancer. Try to improvise, because the character and atmosphere of the dance depends on the DJ and the dancers.
  • Over time, learn to dance well. If this does not seem enough, sign up for a dance school and take your skills to a new level.

You will achieve great success in the club, if you relax and feel how to manage your own body. Sometimes a person to become a dancer is not given. I believe such units. Practically every lover of night clubs can conquer the peak of club dances.

Club Dance Tips for Guys

Many guys want to learn to dance cool in clubs, because they do not want to look ridiculous in the eyes of friends. Even people who occasionally drop in at nightclubs dance excellently if they follow the rules.

Club dances are diverse, it is easy to find a suitable style that will allow you to look decent on the dance floor.

You can bring originality and originality to the style by successfully combining elements of various dances.

Professional dance schools

  1. Lessons in the direction that you choose yourself, teach you to dance, introduce you to people, help you lose a few pounds, improve your physical health and have fun.
  2. Constant training will teach you to relax,make the movement free and relaxed. If there was stiffness and constraint, such a ballast will pass.
  3. Choose a school carefully. If you like a certain option, be sure to attend a free lesson, inspect the dance hall and chat with teachers.
  4. You can not dance professionally right away. To prepare for the dance at the disco will require no more than ten lessons. Just repeat the movements learned in the lesson at home.

Training for guys at home

  1. If there is no time for a dance school, practice at home. The effectiveness of home schooling is a little worse. The main thing is the desire to learn to dance.
  2. On the Internet there is a wide selection of training videos, looking through which you will learn the secrets of professional dancers.
  3. During home workouts, constantly look at yourself in the mirror to control movements and make them perfect. Homeschooling alone is not enough; constant practice is required on a real site.

Lesson for beginners

How does a guy behave in a club

  1. If you hit the club, try to relax. Do not think that the dance will be unfashionable.Release emotions and have fun. It will turn out to move beautifully, if the movements are relaxed and confident.
  2. On the dance floor listen to the rhythm. Strive to make it fit. Improvise. If you constantly dance on the pattern, it quickly bored.
  3. Beautifully dancing only a man with a flexible body and excellent plasticity. Keep fit by exercising and exercising.

With the help of simple recommendations, any guy will quickly learn how to dance. If you manage to put the soul into the dance, the fair sex will surely throw you with admiring glances. A beautiful dance will help you get to know your body and get to know the inner world.

Tips and video lessons for club dances for girls

Club dances are amazing variety. They help girls to make contact with the guys, which often leads to the beginning of a romantic relationship. Some women of fashion with the help of dancing try to stand out from the crowd, moving attractively and gracefully.

Let's imagine that you are in a beautiful nightclub. You sit at a table, drink tequila, begins to play your favorite musical composition.Under the influence of incomprehensible forces, you slowly rise and move towards the dance floor. What's next?

  • Listen carefully to the rhythm. If you manage to get it, the dance will turn out graceful and graceful. The person who is beaten out from a rhythm, brings disharmony on a platform.
  • Get rid of uncertainty and relax. Unchained movements look beautiful. During the dance, have fun, not filling your head with thoughts.
  • The first movements are always slow. In the first beat, do not swing your arms; such movements are very tiring. By the middle of the dance program you get tired.
  • During the dance, it is not recommended to shoot your eyes to the sides. In night clubs, use this weapon carefully.
  • Do not copy the movements of other dancers. Dare to improvise, make movements original and unique.

Add, beautifully move only girls with a flexible and flexible body. If everyday life is not very active, you have to sit at the table for hours at work, the body's reaction to going to the club can be unpredictable. It is easy to avoid. Daily morning exercises and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Video lesson for beginners

Based on personal experience, I will note that girls behave more relaxedly and freely on the dance floor. Sometimes there are shy personages. If you are one of them, sign up for a dance school. By attending classes, under the guidance of a teacher, you will get rid of the complexes and release the body.

The benefits of dancing

Any girl wants that leisure was full, interesting and useful. Many of the fair sex attend a dance school. Very good, because it is a pledge of strong physical and psychological health.

According to doctors, dancing should be practiced regardless of profession, age and gender. The movements tone up the blood vessels, muscles and joints, which has a positive effect on health. Scientists have shown that people who regularly attend dance lessons or dance at home have strong immunity and a stable metabolism.

Dance classes contribute to the disappearance of problems associated with the spine. Posture becomes perfectly smooth. If you are interested in stopping slouching, sign up for a dance. Dancing will make the walk beautiful and graceful.

Dancing is the perfect solution for the insecure and notorious. Rhythmic movements liberate, add confidence and activate the desire to communicate.

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Throw shyness in the box, stock up with desire and confidence, and go to the dance floor to conquer hearts.

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