How to learn to make a standing bridge

How to learn to make a standing bridgeThe bridge is one of the basic gymnastic figures. It is done both by girls in younger dance groups, and by girls who are engaged in modern dance styles. It looks very beautiful and spectacular, so it is used in various productions.


There are several ways to make a bridge: from a lying and standing position. Of course, to get on the bridge, you need to be in great physical shape and have good flexibility. In addition, you can not try this figure without the necessary training and minimal warm-up. We offer you a step-by-step instruction on how to quickly learn how to make a bridge.


The whole secret of this process is the correctly selected set of exercises. Using them, you can prepare the muscles of the back and shoulders, as well as quickly achieve the desired result.


How to learn to stand on the bridge


1. You need to perform such an exercise: lie on your stomach, hands pull up. Now raise your arms and legs at the same time, bending your back. Keep your knees and elbows straight.In this position, hold on for about a minute. Then go down and repeat a few more times.


2. Turn over on the back, while the legs are bent at the knees, and hands straighten along the body. Raise the pelvis as high as possible, and then go down on your back. It is desirable to stay in a raised position for at least 5 seconds.


3. Kneel so that your legs are shoulder-width apart. Now you need to bend back smoothly, reaching with your hands up to your heels. At the same time, keep the back elongated, and slightly tilt the head back.


4. In the prone position, you take your ankles with your hands. Then raise the head, legs and chest at the same time to bend. Hold for a few seconds and descend.


5. For the next exercise, you will need a special gym ball. If not, you can skip this step. You need to lie back on the ball, legs set shoulder-width apart. Lower your hands to the floor, caving in, the ball will support you.


6. Lie down again on the stomach, handles set approximately at the level of the hips. Bend your back and at the same time bend your knees so as to reach your head with your socks.Hold this for a minute and then go down.


7. When you are well warmed up and prepared the muscles, try to stand on the bridge from a prone position. To do this, you should lie on your back, bend your legs and arms, elbows should look up. Then bend, straighten your legs and arms, try to stand on the bridge. Hold for a couple of seconds so, a little shake and return to the starting position. To complicate the task, move your hands closer to your feet.


These exercises will help you strengthen your back muscles and prepare their standing brains. To speed up the result, do them a few a week, or better every day. But just treat this process with all care and caution, in any case, do not make sudden movements. All bending and bending should be performed only smoothly and gradually.


How to learn to make a standing bridge


How to learn to make a standing bridge


How to learn to stand on the bridge while standing


1. Performing a set of preparatory exercises daily, you can easily master this figure. As soon as you start to do well the bridge from a prone position, you can proceed to the next stage - the bridge from a standing position.


2. Go to the free wall, stand back at about 80 cm.The legs should be set shoulder-width apart, and the arms should be raised upwards.


3. Now gradually bend back to touch your fingers to the wall.


4. Touching the wall, go lower and lower until you reach the floor. You made the bridge, stay in this position for a moment, and then gradually return to the starting position.


5. Repeat this exercise until you feel confident.


6. Do the same thing, but without using a wall. It would be better, of course, if someone next to you insures you. This requires that the other person, standing with your face, supports you under your back. Quietly lean back, making the bridge, fix the position for a few seconds and rise back.


7. As soon as you perfectly work out all the movements and feel that you are ready, you can play this figure without help.


Now you know how to learn how to make a bridge, videos and professional tips will help you master this process faster. The main thing - always do exercises and do not forget to warm up properly. In addition, all movements must be performed gradually and not sharply.


To make the figure look beautiful and elegant, do not forget to straighten your elbows and knees. The feet should stand straight and parallel to each other, and the head should be thrown back. At the very end of the leg can be slightly straightened, stretching at the same time.

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