How to learn to read several books a week?

How did people talk about people who were aware of many topics, could calmly discuss and support conversations in any company? He is a well-read. After all, the truth is, people received basic information earlier from books. Today, with the rapid development of information technology, a person does not have the urgent need to look for it in printed sources.

But still, books, even if they are electronic, are still one of the main "wells" from which we draw the useful and necessary. But fiction continues to be a source of special intellectual pleasure.

But there are so many works and editions, but in fact there is so little time. How to have time to read everything you need and want? No secrets can not do. And today we will open them to you.

Speed ​​reading as a special skill

“Swallowed a book in one evening,” says your friend, and you are trying to imagine how you can manage to read 300 or 400 pages of text in such a short time.And, by the way, the 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt, could read the whole book during breakfast. How did he do it? We will reveal some important secrets and give useful tips:

Without words.The main "enemy" of speed reading is the sound barrier. When you pronounce words or even simply articulate, it turns out that the reading speed is equal to the dynamics of pronunciation, and it will not work out faster.

That is why you need to read only with your eyes. Some experts suggest to put a chestnut, well, or a few sweets into the mouth to fix this habit.

Greater field of view. Are you used to reading one word? Therefore, the speed is much lower. To reach a more dynamic level, you need to try to cover a few sentences with a look, and better - a paragraph. It’s good to start with a workout to read phrases. For this, newspaper columns are best suited. In them, as a rule, from 4 to 6 words, which you should cover your eyes at once. Reading in this way several minutes a day, very soon you will notice that you did not have time to blink, as several headings have already “swallowed”.

Gliding on the line is another important skill. This will help finger or pencil.Follow, and even better - count how many words you can read one by one in a minute. And then try to help yourself with a finger or a pencil, leading them under the line. Each time you need to do it faster.

Do not go back. Often people have a habit of returning to what they read again. From this need to unlearn. In this case, the assistant will again be your finger. Reading, lead them under the line and carefully follow it.

The diagonal method.This is one of the most effective speed reading techniques. To master it is not at all difficult, but it is immediately worth noting that it will not be possible to penetrate this way into fiction. What is the point? So, the first line you read, as usual, completely, and, reaching its end, start to look at the third line, glancing across the second diagonally.

Then the movement will be directed to the left diagonally. Read the whole text in this way, and only then return to the part that seemed most important to you to look at it again.

Miss the "water".Artistic and special literature is often "diluted" with refinements, details, explanations, trifles that can and should be missed.Thus, concentrating only on the essence.

Practice is paramount.Only by constantly training, you can achieve results. The optimal speed is 200 characters per minute. But if you want, like Roosevelt, to beat on a book for breakfast, then this figure should be even higher.

Learning to read quickly, as it turns out, is not difficult. Therefore, we are sure that the mountain of books that you have set aside for later will begin to melt very soon, and new and even more exciting publications will take its place.

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